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Electric Ride On Toys

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Electric Ride-On Toys

Electric Ride-On Toys

Explore entertainment options to keep your kiddies active and away from their electronic devices. Electric ride-on toys are an excellent option to let your mini road trip enthusiasts play outside in the park or backyard. At AOSOM, we have various electric ride-on options your kids will love, and you will enjoy them because their happiness is your happiness.

Let your kids explore the outdoors or indoors if the space allows it with their new electric ride-on toy. We have a variety of electric ride-on toys, including cars, motorcycles, and excavators, to keep your little ones busy playing all year round. They come in various styles, colours, and prices. You have to find the perfect one for you. They are ideal for energetic, adventurous, and playful-spirited kids that like modern and active electric toys.

Go for a walk and let your mini road trip enthusiast discover the outdoors while riding their contemporary and stylish ride-on. Don’t miss out on this opportunity. Time flies, but your little ones will never forget memories of their modern and wildly playful time in their electric ride-on toys.

Electric Toy Cars

AOSOM electric toys include luxurious and adventurous cars, off-road trucks, and bumper cars. They offer various modern functions and colours. Most of our battery-powered electric toys work via remote control and pedal-powered. Their adjustable speed levels, headlights, tail lights, seat belt, steering wheel and horns make it highly stimulative. In addition, our electric car toys have an integrated music player, including a USB/ TF card plug for your kids to enjoy their favourite songs. Your kids will enjoy their simulated driving experience. All our cars ensure safe and smooth driving due to their spring suspension system, whether indoors or outdoors.

Electric Motorcycles

Our AOSOM electric motorcycles bring style and a playful spirit to every kid’s life. These dirt bikes for kids feature a switch on the handle, adjustable speed, removable training wheels, driving sound effects, a horn sound, with working headlights. Its wheels and the dual shock-absorbing system allow kids to enjoy a smoother and more comfortable ride across your neighbourhood. Our AOSOM electric motorcycles include six original songs for your kids’ enjoyment. Our dirt bikes for kids have everything for your kids to enjoy with training wheels or without to fully enjoy its performance on any surface, including asphalt, brick, dirt, or cement.

Excavators for Kids

AOSOM offers electric excavators for kids. These are excellent options for kids with a knack for digging while being curious and creative. Support your kids’ interest and passion for excavation with our AOSOM electric excavators. It features a comfortable seat, seatbelt, forward and reverses gears, adjustable speed levels, a scooping bucket, working dual action levers, and traction wheels. Its functions make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a smooth drive on level grass, dirt, or paved surface. Our AOSOM electric excavator will fascinate your kids with its features and functions. Let your kids discover and develop their interests while appreciating nature.

Did you know that an electric ride-on is vital in your kids’ development?

Let us share the four main development areas your child may improve.

1.Motor and Sensory Skills

As we may know, early childhood development is crucial in your child’s life. Our AOSOM electric ride-on toys can help to improve your kid’s motor and sensory skills, thanks to their highly stimulative operational functions and sound effects. Thus, they will allow children to interpret and manipulate their toys in various scenarios. In addition, our ride-on toys will enable them to practice their coordination, navigation, and balance skills, which will aid them in the future when participating in sports and other physical activities.

2.Physical Activity

Our AOSOM electric ride-on toys are an excellent option to help prevent kids from being static in their electronic devices. Encouraging them to adopt an active lifestyle early may provide the opportunity for kids to continue an active lifestyle throughout their life. Furthermore, our electric ride-on toys will enable them to strengthen their bodies and minds.


Energetic kids will love the opportunity to use their imagination and creativity. Our AOSOM electric ride-on toys encourage kids to enhance their cognitive development, positively impacting their thinking and creativity. Riding our AOSOM electric ride-on toys will introduce kids to exploring and discovering new scenarios and environments. Here is where kids will use their imagination and rationality to create games, solve situations, and learn when things don’t go as expected.


As time does not stop, and our kids continue to grow fast, guiding them to open their consciousness levels to prepare them for the future is essential. Our AOSOM electric ride-on toys are an excellent aid to better their understanding of their surroundings, place, and time. Then, your kids will know how to respond to life situations better and wisely.

Whether your child is extroverted, a little shy, or active, there’s always an electric ride-on toy for them. Our electric ride-on toys promise every little driver to have a fun and safe time for every use. At AOSOM, we offer free and fast shipping to all of Canada. Check more details about our electric ride-on toys collection at Aosom.ca. Share your AOSOM experiences with us through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter by adding the #AOSOMCA to your captions or tagging us as @aosom_ca.

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