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Patio Swings & Hammocks

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Valentine's Day!
Get the items at the best price now
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Valentine's Day!
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Valentine's Day!
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Patio Swing

Aosom Canada offer a wide selection of lovely Outsunny swings and hammocks that will help you liven up your patio and your garden, as well as unwind after a hard day or week’s work. Our wide variety of styles guarantees you will find what you need to complete your décor while fulfilling your need to settle back and loosen up.

Grab a good book, maybe a blanket and a cushion or two, and settle down in one of our patio or garden swings to enjoy outdoor repose like never before. Made from high quality wood or steel, our swings are resistant to poor weather conditions, with many offering waterproof canopies and cushions. Those who would like a little bit more privacy will appreciate our gazebo swings, which come with curtains to keep away prying eyes – or mosquito nets to keep away hungry bugs, that ever-present scourge of summertime evenings! On the other hand, if you’re looking for something that is truly unique and will make you the talk of the neighborhood, you can’t miss our swing chairs, with their modern and creative designs that really stand out amidst the crowd.

The iconic charm of a garden hammock hanging between two trees is not to be underestimated, but for those who are looking for an alternative, we’ve got you covered too. If your garden is rather lacking in trees, or if you’d rather a patio hammock, check out our freestanding arc hammocks, which offer sturdiness and style in unison. Feel incomplete without a loved one by your side? You should definitely consider our double hammock swings and beds – as the simple pleasure of taking it easy is just too great to experience alone! Our hammocks also come in various colours – some are pristine white to create a sober and serene atmosphere, others shine with all the colours of the rainbow to highlight your personality and evoke a bright and festive summer feeling.

Stretch out, relax and enjoy your outdoor space with patio swings and hammocks in the backyard or garden. Patio swings are a great way to relax with family, maybe on the front or back porch. Check out our patio swings and hammocks, like banana hammocks, hangding chairs, glier swings, rope swings, tree swings, as well as hammock stands. Best hammocks for sale at Aosom Canada. At Aosom, we know that you deserve a break after a busy day. This is why we provide you with the finest selection of outdoor furniture. Just take a moment to browse and find the one that’s right for you. And with free shipping and easy assembly, you’ll be relaxing before you know it!

What could possibly be more relaxing than settling on a patio swing, softly swaying back and forth as you unwind, soaking up the rays of the summer sun? Or perhaps you are more the type to lay down in a relaxing hammock, gazing at the stars of a warm summer night. Aosom’s got you covered with a wide selection of exquisite garden swings and hammocks that will help you create a welcoming outdoor living space for yourself, your family and your guests alike. Hours of relaxation guaranteed!

Take a vacation on your own patio

One of the best ways to take a vacation on a heavenly beach, right? Since we can't send you a real beach, we've thought that what we can do is bring you a little closer to its environment. For this, the garden hammocks are great. At you will find some fantastic garden hammocks. The best of all is that you can use them whenever you are actually taking a vacation! Use them for a time such as when you finish working or studying, when you finished a long day or simply you just want to relax on your patio! In one word, you can use them whenever and where you want, so that vacation feeling does not only come to you when you are taking days off.

What kind of hammocks should you choose?

As for the models of hammocks for the garden, there are many options available on Your options range from hanging hammocks, which you can attach between trees, or by placing hooks directly on walls or columns that are strong enough, to hammocks with support. The hammocks with support include the base, you only have to assemble the structure and install the fabric of the hammock. Choose the ones that best integrate with your furniture or needs. Although both materials are very resistant, they require different maintenance.

Deciding what type of hammocks to purchase is a very personal thing since it will depend on where you want to place it and your personal taste. If you enjoy a large garden with trees, hanging hammocks can be the ideal option since when you are not going to use them for a long time, you can even uninstall and store them and they will hardly take up space. On the contrary, if you can't find trees or a wall or support where you can fix your hammock, it is best to get a hammock that has support; in this way, you will have total freedom of movement for its placement, since you are not depend on any other external factor for your installation.

Hanging hammocks VS hammocks with support

Both hanging hammocks and hammocks with support have their own advantages. For example, if you want to use your hammock both indoors and outdoors or take it with you on excursions, vacations or meetings with friends, perhaps a hanging hammock is here to match your needs. On the other hand, if you have a large terrace or garden where you do not have walls close to each other or any other architectural element that allows you to hang your hammock, a hammock with support would undoubtedly be more useful. When you opt for one or the other, especially in the case of those that come with support, pay attention to the product specifications to see if the support is included, if it is purchased separately and the compatibility between the selected hammock and the support. chosen one.

Something to keep in mind is when you are debating choosing a hammock with support or not, please remember that you will have the benefit of being able to sunbathe in your hammock, but on the other hand, if you want to rest relaxed away from the sun's rays you will have to take shelter under a parasol or umbrella, or you can take advantage of your tent if you have one.

Enjoy a hammock with your company

Among all our hammock designs, we have hammocks for those who like to rest alone and hammocks for those who prefer to share with a company. As a result, double hammocks are causing a sensation. At, the measurements of a hammock for 2 people are around 210x150cm and support up to 210 kg of weight. The individual hammocks usually measure 200x100cm and support about 150 kg of weight. They can be washed by hand and their composition is normally 70% polyester and 30% cotton. Despite those data, please always make sure to read the specifications of the products to confirm their characteristics.

Can you install a hammock indoors?

With a little imagination, you can create a swing-like playground even inside your home with these hanging hammocks. The installation is really easy. You simply have to know the size of your hammock and locate two walls of your house that are at the right distance to hang it. If you can't find walls at the correct distance, you can always hang one side of the hammock from the wall and the other side from the ceiling using a rope. You should always make sure that both the walls or ceilings where you hang them and the ropes and hooks used are prepared to support all the weight with which you are going to put on them. In one word, whether it is indoors or outdoors, if children are going to use it, they must be supervised by an adult. Whatever garden hammock you want for your home, you will find it at

Find nice, cost-efficient hammocks

Choosing between different hammocks will always depend on many different factors, such as your space and budget. At we always work hard to get the best prices to our customers, so you can have the awesome garden hammocks at very competitive prices which provide you an excellent value for money. In addition, we always have different promotions on our website and periodically we launch extra discount coupons. In order to receive our latest updates, you can subscribe to our newsletter and thus you will find out about everything first-hand.