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Dog Grooming Tables

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PawHut Grooming

PawHut Grooming

Maintaining your dogs’ health with a proper hygiene routine from home while enjoying extra great savings. PawHuts Grooming table is a must in fulfilling all your dog's needs when it comes to grooming. Many dogs feel a bit timid when they go to a grooming salon because they are not familiar with the surroundings or people. Avoid the anxiety your dog may feel and groom them from the convenience of your own home.
PawHuts Gaming table allows you to feel comfortable while grooming your dog’s body. Our grooming tables are adjustable allowing you to maintain good posture while working. Some of us may suffer from a bad back, and it’s very challenging to bend in an uncomfortable position while grooming our dogs. The PawHut Grooming tables have multiple functions which include trimming, grooming, and bathing. Your dog will enjoy the grooming process more than ever. Our PawHut Grooming tables also include special features such as a non-slip surface, bottom mesh tray, adjustable height, and hydraulic. Explore our PawHut Grooming products now!

PawHut Grooming Main Benefits

Find 4 main benefits of our PawHut Grooming products below.
1.Promotes Dog Hygiene
Keep your dog healthy with a good hygiene routine. Grooming your dog thoroughly allows you to get to all areas of your dog's body which may not be as visible as other areas, such as ears, teeth, and nails. This will also allow your dog to feel good, clean and comfortable. At the same time, you can help avoid future health-related complications by not addressing a potential problem that your dog may be experiencing.
2.Gives You Full Accessibility
Getting to hard-to-reach areas of your dog couldn’t be easier with our PawHut Grooming table. It allows you to have full access to all areas of your dog’s body while maintaining a good posture due to our product's adjustable height. Therefore, you will be able to spend all the time needed to perform a complete job in comfort while also being comfortable for your dog. This can only make your dog feel relaxed and happy due to their developed senses enabling them to feel your good energy and mood.
3.Strengthen Dog to Owner Relationship
Allow yourself and your dog to love and enjoy the grooming process. This is a great time for both of you to develop a closer relationship. The grooming process will permit you to know your dog better. Their likes and dislikes, what makes them feel comfortable or uncomfortable. Take this opportunity to strengthen your bond with them by developing a strong boundary and trust while grooming them. Some things you may consider while grooming is talking softly to them, massaging them, petting them, and giving them all your love.
4.Save Money
It’s a great way to save money! It’s a smart investment reducing grooming service expenses by doing it yourself from the comfort of your own home. Dog grooming services can be very expensive. It’s not just about the expense of paying for the grooming service, but it’s also time-consuming to transport your dog to and from the salon. In addition to this, you have to think about the accommodation your dog may require depending of its size and perhaps disabilities. Our PawHut Grooming table solves all these problems. It’s a one-time expense, and you will immediately appreciate it's worth.

PawHut Grooming Tips

You may be wondering how we can make grooming your dog an easy and enjoyable process. Here are some PawHut Grooming tips that may help you.
1.Set up a Grooming Routine
Like everything else, it’s important to include grooming in your dog’s routine. In the same way you train your dog where to go to pee, eat, sleep, and play, grooming should also be included as part of their activities. It will make it easier for the owner and the dog knowing that it is time to get groomed with PawHut Grooming!
2.Keep Your Dog Active
Your dog grooming time can be a great experience for both of you. A good tip is to exercise or play with your dog before grooming them. This will help to release their energy. You will also be able to recognize the mood they are in. Also, it could be a pre-warm-up training process to follow instructions for when you groom them. As well, your dog grooming time can allow you to discover new things about each other while using our PawHut Grooming table.
3.Treat Your Dog
Treat your dog's good behavior. Like humans, dogs like to get rewarded for their positive efforts with their favourite treat. It’s a nice way to say ‘Thank You for letting you groom them without any difficulties. In the future, the grooming process should become easier and less challenging for both of you when the routine is already established with the advantage of using our PawHut Grooming products in your pet’s life.

No need to think more about it. We promise it will be worth it! Find more about our PawHut Grooming products at

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