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Cooler Boxes

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In case you’re intending to go outdoors during the warm summer days, the most effective way to do so is to keep yourself cool. A cooler or even cooler box is an excellent advantage to experience all year round. It offers the comfort of storage space, particularly when going on picnics, long drives, fishing trips, camping, boating so on. Its convenient size allows you to carry it in the shoe of your automobile, and yes it may be put nearly anywhere.


>>What is the difference between a cooler and a refrigerator?

>>How long does a cooler box last?

>>How does a cooler box work?

>>Why to choose a cooler box?

What is the difference between a cooler and a refrigerator?

A cooler box, which is different from the car refrigerator, is environmentally friendly and energy-saving refrigeration and heat preservation appliance. It does not use electricity and other devices to produce functions and has no cooling and heating capabilities. But it has the ability to maintain the temperature of the contents in the box. The length of the holding time depends on the performance of the incubator itself, the temperature of the items stored in the box, and the energy absorbed.

How long does a cooler box last?

One oblivious advantage that that using a cooler box in summer is you can keep your food and drinks keep cool for hours during your trip by simply add ice to the cooler box before your trip. At Aosom.ca, our cooler boxes are made of durable steel with a stylish colored finish, they are the perfect companion to any outdoor gathering. Some of our cooler box has two openings so you can easily access both sides, and they feature convenient handles on each side as well.

How does a cooler box work?

A drainage hole located on the back lets you quickly remove excess water while a convenient bottle opener with cap catcher is attached to the front. Many of them feature four wheels which allow you to bring them with you anywhere you go, and you can keep them in place with two locking wheels. So, use a cooler box to keep your picnic food and drink cold on a hot summer day. Cold food should always be kept at 5 degrees Celsius or below to keep it safe for human consumption. There is no better way to make sure this happens than to use a cooler box, or ice box as they are also known.

A cooler box is not only useful on a hot summer day, but it can also help you to prevent heat loss during winter time. They are manufactured using technically advanced insulators for protecting food items & keeping drinks cool even in the harshest of weather. In another word, they can prevent your food exchange its temperature with outside word no matter it’s hot or code. They are built using high-class material that is extremely durable, strong, and enjoy longevity. our cool boxes come in a wide range in terms of sizes ranging from the mini cooler box to the giant-sized colder boxes. You can choose the one as per the strength of your family or your individual requirement.

Why to choose a cooler box?

Unlike fridges, cooler boxes are environment friendly, and they do not require any power sources. They are light-weight, small and enjoy high portability thereby making them easy to carry irrespective of the fact whether you are taking your cooler box for an adventure trip or to your workplace. More importantly, all those cooler boxes you can find at Aosom.ca are budget-friendly, with different sizes and designs available, you can easily find the one that you need! We have cooler boxes such as portable rolling cooler carts, they come with wheels and larger than regular cool boxes. Not only you can bring them with you for your road trip, but also you can use them at your backyard pool party! Visit Aosom.ca right now to find the cooler box that belongs to you!

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