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Bikes & Scooters

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Bikes & Scooters

Looking to help save the environment while having getting in your exercise? Look no further. At Aosom we have a variety of bikes and scooters that will help you achieve your goal. Riding a bike or scooter is an efficient way to stay healthy but also to save money on your morning commute by not buying gas, spending money on bus or train fares. It is also an excellent way to enjoy some leisure time outdoors. Not only are our scooters and bikes meant to help you in life we have a wide selection for your little ones. This is a great place to start helping your child be healthy and get outdoors.


If you are trying to keep up with your fitness and health why not teach your kids? Encouraging your kids to get outdoors while getting exercise is a win win. You are encouraging physical activity for their well being and enjoying some quiet time. Not only can you enjoy some quiet time but you can also get one for yourself with our adult scooters. Many parents will buy one with their child so that they can spend some quality time and get in there physical activity as well. Lost of things to consider when buying a Scooter!

For your child a scooter is a toy not an activity, it allows them to move quickly by getting the thrill and excitement of speeding down a path. Growing kids require not only plenty of exercise but they need to start developing motor skills and learning to ride a scooter is a way to encourage and get your child on the right path to using those skills and eventually graduate to riding a bike. Using a scooter is a good way to get your child to understand balance and steering give your child the feeling of control.

The fact that scooters can be folded and are such thin items it makes them an excellent choice for someone living in an apartment, or someone with storage space. Their small size also means that if you looking to have an easy commute whether its by taking it on a train, a bus or even keep by your desk during your busy day at work. Every trip you take a scooter counts for your physical activity and for the environment.

Scooters for Children

First decide if your child can use this scooter safely with their progress of balance and motor skills. I know we all don’t want our kids to grow up but helping them develop their skills is extremely important. If your child can walk easily and steadily, then they are ready to take the next step and start with a scooter. Toddler scooters are designed for kids that are just starting out, so even at two or three they can join their older siblings on outings.

Our scooters come in a 2 or 3 wheel design. Our 3 wheeled scooters are made with two in the back and one in the front. This is ideal for someone who needs to work on their and coordination, so perfect for those starting out to learn to ride a scooter. Our two wheel scooters are suited better for those who have better balancing skills. Ideally you want your child to start with a 3 wheeled scooter and work their way up to a 2 wheeled.

Now that you have decided your childs balance ability the next question is coordination. This is will effect their steering. Lean-to-steer models the handlebars don't turn, and kids must learn how to shift their centre mass to make turns.

Another factor to look at while buying scooters is wheel size. If you are looking for a safer model for your child a large wheel model is your best bet. Not only is easier to balance on these scooters your kids wont outgrow it as quickly, saving you money! Having bigger wheels is also ideal if you are planning on going on different and a little rougher surfaces. They are a little heavier making them harder to push and keeping the the top speed a little slower. While the smaller wheel scooters are light it makes them more portable and easier to handle. However take into consideration that they can go faster and control a lot easier making it possibly dangerous.

Scooters for adults

If you are an adult looking to stay active and not hurt your body too much a scooter is the perfect fit for you. Our adult scooters are typically made more for comfort and not speed. Built with larger wheels they have more range to go on a variety of surfaces. They absorb more the shock making a more comfortable ride and helping you protect yourself. However if you are looking for something more convenient the smaller wheeled scooters are easier for you if you are looking to get somewhere fast or bring it along on your commute.


Growing up learning to ride a bike is a monumental thing that will stay with you forever. Once you learn how to get on and get going it is something that you will never forget how to do. Even as you grow up the joy of riding a bike down the street or out in the woods for the day never gets old. So no matter if your in the market for a bike for yourself or you are looking to buy your kids first bike. We have all the accessories and items to help you keep enjoying this life long activity.

Love to bike, don’t want to go outdoors? Then opt for an indoor gym-style bike to reward yourself with all the benefits, but without the rain falling down on your head. Browse through our cycling range for a selection of electric and manual equipment to train your body in your own home. Choosing a manual bike means you can take it anywhere you want, without the need for electricity. We also have a kinetic Bicycle trainer. Regardless of the weather outside, you can stay in shape in the comfort of your own home using your bike! It offers quite effective indoor training with a strong, well supported frame, and does it at a reasonable cost. The trainer hooks up to just about any bike--including road and mountain bikes, but requires a tire size of 26" to 28" or 700cc wheel. Fine-tune to your wheel and tire size with the micro-adjust knob.

Most of ours come with an LCD monitor to track your progress. An electric bike offers you dedicated set work outs – great for beginners and experts alike. If you love the feel of your own bike, opt for a turbo trainer, which hooks your bike into the frame but keeps it stationary. Aosom offer a great range of sports equipment and accessories, including outdoor gear, fitness equipment, gym mats, trampolines, electric bikes,table games, strength training equipment.

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