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Gymnastics Mats

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Gymnastics Mats

Gymnastics Mats

Whether you need a mat to do gymnastics, yoga, or exercises, we have the perfect ones. Mats are used for safety and injury prevention due to their impact absorption when developing new skills during practice. Therefore, when performing your workouts, you must have a quality mat with enough cushion and a supportive surface to protect your joints, including knees, wrists, elbows, and back.

Don’t let not having a mat stop you from practicing and exercising today. We have various mats in various colours, sizes, and prices, and we’re confident there’s one for you.

Soozier Gymnastics Mat Benefits

If you are still considering selecting a Soozier gymnastics mat, let us share its four main benefits.

Enough Thickness

All our Soozier gymnastics mats consist of two inches of high-density EPE foam to provide enough cushion to absorb high impacts from workouts and practices. Its suitable thickness will give you all the support you need to focus fearlessly on your achievements. Our Soozier gymnastics mats may make it easy to forget that you are working out on a hard or uneven surface. The chance of getting joint injuries from floor impacts is minimal. Soozier gymnastics mats have got you covered on your landings or yoga poses. Practicing never felt this good.

Durable Material

Our Soozier gymnastics mats have a hard-wearing PU leather and vinyl-covered surface, which makes them durable and highly resistant to your daily use and high-impact exercises. Its rigid material makes it difficult to tear or puncture, making it long-lasting. Our material makes Soozier gymnastics mats easy to clean and sanitize after each use, maintaining an odour-free surface. A quick wipe will be enough to take care of your mat and prepare it for your following exercise routines. Its side zipper allows you to detach the foam from the cover for a more thorough cleaning. Soozier gymnastic mats’ vinyl cover materials make them sweat-proof since the foam is protected by its cover when in use. Its low maintenance may tempt you to increase your daily routines, and why not? You will be getting healthier after every use.

Foldable Design

Our Soozier gymnastics mats are of great size, and they are connected by four small mats, providing easy convenience for carrying and storage. They consist of 4 mats linked together, folding into three parts. Its two carrying handles make it an on-the-go carrying mat. Feel free to bring it to your yoga or exercise practice at the park or the gym and practice effortlessly. There will be no excuses for missing a day of workouts. Even if you are going away for vacations, you can still bring it to continue your daily exercises without altering your routine.

Versatile Functionality

Use our Soozier gymnastics mats in many ways. Maybe your kids would like to improve their gymnastics skills, and you are worried about them harming themselves when doing their aerobics. Our Soozier gymnastics mats are excellent for keeping them safe. As well, you could practice yoga poses and stretches. Furthermore, you may want to use this mat to do floor exercises, yoga, gymnastics, or martial arts. It feels perfect for reconnecting with yourself after a long day at work or housework. Perform your daily routines remotely; being away will no longer be an excuse. Exercise from home or outside while enjoying nature. You decide.

How to Choose a Soozier Gymnastics Mat?

Sometimes choosing a mat can be confusing because they all could look very similar in terms of their sizes and shapes. However, your needs and use will help guide you while choosing the mat that fulfills your needs.


Our Soozier gymnastics mats have the same length and thickness. Still, their width varies in three different sizes, making it suitable to find the right one for your available space and cover a larger area. If you need a larger area covered for your practice, you may consider placing extra Soozier gymnastics mats Side by side to increase the floor coverage.


Our Soozier gymnastics mats have the same design and feature four mats foldable in three parts, two handles, and a side zipper. They come in various colours for you to choose from and combine. Therefore, you can match it with your sports outfit, sports team, home aesthetics, or school theme colours. Keep fit and in style with our Soozier gymnastics mats.

We hope our AOSOM Soozier gymnastics mats benefits and tips helped you find the right mat for you, whether you need your mat to do gymnastics, yoga, martial arts, floor exercises, and more. Feel comfortable working out on any floor surface. The floor does not need to feel hard on your body with our Soozier gymnastics mats. Discover more about our Soozier gymnastics mats at Aosom.ca and enjoy free shipping delivery with your purchases across all of Canada.

Our HOMCOM cargo bike trailers have a closed wagon-type design that allows them to easily carry pets, tools, luggage, and shipping boxes. Your pets will love to go on this adventure with you. It’s a great way they can also enjoy themselves even when you have a couple of errands to do. It has a foldable design for easy loading and transportation.

Our PawHut cargo bike trailers design offers an entirely removable cover to fit and get out items that occupy more space. It is time to appreciate the good weather and do as many outdoor activities as possible. You know the good weather can change in no time. Consider activities like camping or going to the lake.

Kids Bike Trailers

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