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Dog Supplies

Dog Supplies

Throughout a dog's life, their need for supplies is constant. Your dog's needs vary depending on age, character, size, health status, among others. Every dog owner understands this and is willing to give the world to their best four-legged buddy. There's nothing better than our AOSOM dog supplies selection. We have everything your dog could need. We have a great selection of products for you to choose from and for your dog to use. Make your puppies happy while using the best dog supplies on the market.

Explore our AOSOM dog supplies selection by PawHut. We have described our product categories below. Let us show you what we have that you will love.

Dog Bike Trailers & Strollers

Our PawHut dog bike trailers and strollers are excellent for outdoor and long-distance use. Our PawHut strollers are foldable, have a see-through zipper mesh, with proper air ventilation to keep our dogs safe and visible throughout the journey. Take them for a walk, run, or even travel with them. This journey has never been more opportune than with our AOSOM dog supplies selection. Its well-designed structure has a strong steel metal frame and PVC cover to keep your dog fresh under the shade, protecting it from the sun and rain. Also, it has convenient features such as a water holder and a basket to store your basic needs underneath the stroller. Your dog will enjoy its travel comfortably due to the cushion in its seating area. Avoid getting caught in traffic with the high-visibility stroller strips. Get your puppy ready and fit it in our PawHut stroller. It's recommendable for dog sizes no bigger than a Miniature Schnauzer.

Another AOSOM product under this category that you will adore due to its dual functionality is our AOSOM dog bike trailer which converts into a pet stroller Cart for easy travelling without leaving your dog behind. Its functionality allows you to push it as you go or attach it to your bike if you feel adventurous and want to go for a ride. Your little furry pet will always be by your side wherever you go.

Houses, Kennels & Pens

Our dogs love having their own space to play, exercise, and shelter indoors or outdoors. Therefore, AOSOM offers PawHut houses, kennels, and pens to address our dogs' and owners' needs. Our PawHut homes are great for providing unique accommodation where they can rest and have food and water nearby for easy reach. Check out our natural dog mock-up houses to fall in love with them. They do deserve it.

If you are training your dog, a PawHut kennel may be the best solution we have to offer you due to its easy, safe, and customizable usability and assembly. Usually, it's for outdoor use, but PawHut has well-design and coloured ones to fit your home interior decoration. Please keep your dog safe from other outdoor animals without stopping them from enjoying a good weather rest.

Our PawHut playpen offers our dogs enough space to exercise, roll around, and sleep. PawHut has various models and colours you can choose from depending on your preferences. Its waterproof fabric makes it suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It is one of the most recommended products to keep your pet safe.

Toys & Housebreaking

Let PawHut bring the fun to your furry four-legged friends. Create a game circuit for your dog to develop their motor skills and strength. These PawHut outdoor agility dog training equipment are great for maintaining them active and full of vitality while having fun. You will be amazed by all the things your dog can do. Your little furry friend will give you all their unconditional love and protection.

Elevated Dog Beds

If you are looking for a bed that improves your dog's sleep quality, good posture, and cleanliness, you have found the PawHut elevated bed you have been looking for. Our high beds are foldable, lightweight, and durable, with enough airflow circulation and limited joint pressure to maintain good health. It comes in a simple and elegant stylish design, depending on your preference.

Dog Sofas

Some of our dogs may have their bed, but they love to lay down on our sofas. If this is your situation, PawHut has the cutest and most beautiful dog sofas on the market. Allow your pets to feel cozy and comfortable on their couch. Let them lay down on their soft cushion, making them feel part of your living room interaction.

Dog Stairs

Our PawHut stairs may be of great aid for our small dogs to reach higher places without harming themselves when we are not around to help them. However, our PawHut ramp may work well if our dogs are suffering from a physical disability where they may have limited movements. Our PawHut stairs and ramps are here to make life easier for you and your dog.

Dog Grooming Tables

If you are stretched out for time and money, investing in our dog grooming table may be the best you can do for your pet. It allows you to groom your pet from home on your own time. Having the right grooming table will enable you to reach all the areas of your dog to work on. Have your dog clean while comfortable at home and without spending big bucks at the grooming salon.

Dog Bowls

We are sure you have never seen prettier dog bowls than these. PawHut offers functional dog feeder stations and elevated dog bowls. Our PawHut dog feeder station is excellent for keeping your dog food store organized while saving valuable space at home. Also, it includes two bowls to make it a complete one-stop feeding station.

Our PawHut elevated dog bowls have food storage space underneath the feeder base station. It works great to avoid food or beverages spill due to the shorter distance from the plate to your dog's snout.

All these products and more are available at Aosom.ca. Please find our latest products and deals; your furry pet will be grateful for caring for them as they care for you. Our products include free shipping throughout all of Canada. Place your dog supplies order today, and let us take care of its complete fulfillment.

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