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Patio Umbrellas

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Looking for a Patio Umbrella for your Garden?

At Aosom.ca we have the best patio umbrellas and parasols. Whenever we talk about enjoying the good weather outdoors, taking advantage of the space that your terrace or garden offers you, we must keep something very present, protection against the sun. Whether we are going to create an outdoor dining area or an outdoor relaxation corner with garden sofas, we have to make a well-shaded area among our priorities. During all the seasons of the year, we must protect ourselves from the sun, the rain, and the snow, but it is true that summer is when the greatest damage can be done to our skin and our health. Therefore, if you are planning to take your terrace or garden to the next level and have gotten down to work with its decoration, you will love to take a look at all the patio umbrella collections that we have. Surely among all our collections, you will find the one that you fall in love with.

One sunshade, double space

At aosom.ca, our patio umbrellas come in different shapes and sizes. Some of our models offer a double deck spanning more than 4 meters in length. This type of double garden umbrella is perfect for placing in large spaces and they are very popular for small businesses such as restaurants. You can place large rattan sofas under its shelter so that the whole family can rest together. Logically, this type of double-size patio umbrella is not suitable for all spaces. If this is your case, do not be discouraged! At aosom.ca, we have many different types of patio umbrellas at a really good price range. You will find a variety of sizes, styles, and colours, so despite your patio design, you will find a patio umbrella to fit your place.

One of the most important reasons to invest in a patio umbrella is to protect yourself from the sun’s harmful rays. If you’re spending hours outside and are exposed to the sun, then a patio umbrella is a wise investment. You already wear sunscreen, use sunglasses, and wear hats in hot weather, so it makes sense that you should be taking the ultimate step in guarding yourself.

We carry a large variety of different sorts of patio umbrellas and shades so you can choose the type of sun coverage you want. A large beach umbrella is perfect if you’ll be lounging on a lawn chair or beach, and is easy to transport. On the other hand, an awning is a good option if you’re looking to cover a deck or other seating area. We also carry large sail shades, which can shade large areas.

When material meets the style

Among the materials that you can find to make these patio umbrellas, wood and steel stand out. Aosom.ca uses the beautiful bamboo garden umbrellas to give the whole a very Zen look. It is an instant touch of relaxation. You will get very natural spaces that will help you to rest and meditate. Metal framed parasols instantly add a touch of modernity and sophistication to any open space. They are perfect for you to create an elegant setting for formal gatherings or celebrations with friends and family. Depending on the style of your home, you can opt for a terrace umbrella with a metal or wooden structure.

A stylish umbrella or shade can transform the ambiance of your backyard and up its style factor. There’s no need to sacrifice function for style when you’re shopping at Aosom. All of our umbrellas and shades are stylish and practical, so you can get the best of both worlds.

Invest in a large patio umbrella for a classic touch that will complete your outdoor living space. Likewise, a structure gazebo offers a polished look, which guests will love to relax under when they visit. Coordinate the colour to match with the rest of your outdoor décor, and take its chicness to the next level.

Our umbrellas and shades are ideal for all sorts of outdoor settings, and offer convenient installation.You can use a patio offset umbrella or sun shade in tons of different outdoor settings, including backyards, patios, gardens, and even pool areas. Better yet, we make sure all of our products offer easy to set-up and install, meaning putting it together will be a breeze. This also allows for easy storage and even transport in some models, making it all the more convenient for you.

Reclining sunshades

When it comes to functionality, you'll love our tilt-angle patio umbrellas. With this type of patio umbrella, you can adjust your parasol according to the time of day so that it adapts to the position of the sun which can continue to provide you with magnificent shade. Regarding the design of its cover, we have already mentioned that there are singles and doubles, some of our double-sized patio umbrellas are even more than 4 meters long! Another interesting point is that many of them also have a double-height cover. This style of sunshade with a double-height cover promotes airflow and is a factor to consider when choosing. There are many factors to consider when choosing your patio umbrella; it will depend on the usage that you are going to give it throughout the year and your personal taste.

Choose your umbrella based on the location of the pole

Depending on the place where you are going to place your patio umbrella, if it is in an outdoor dining area or in a garden area, it will be convenient for you to look at what structure system it has. On the one hand, beach umbrella-type umbrellas usually have a pole that holds the entire structure in the center of the deck. Those types are ideal to put on an outdoor table and thus get a good shade throughout the dining area. Many of these outdoor tables are already prepared with a central hole so that you can pass the pole of your garden umbrella as well. Sometimes the single hole is not enough to hold the umbrella, remember that you must also put a base for umbrellas.

Speaking of beach umbrella type umbrellas, it is worth mentioning that you will also find practical beach umbrellas ideal for enjoying the sea and keeping you and your loved ones protected from the sun while you are resting or playing on the beach. Some models have side skirts to turn your beach umbrella into a beach shelter in just a few seconds.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a patio umbrella to complete your area with other rattan furniture, you will be interested to know that aosom.ca has fantastic eccentric garden umbrellas with a crank opening that are very comfortable to use. In addition, with many designs that are available, you can place it behind sofas or loungers so that its pole will not bother you at all and will cover a large area. And if your outdoor space is a small balcony, do not stay with aosom.ca because we have very compact models, and you can put some of them against the wall. Thus, the design of your balcony can have that decorative touch of the patio umbrellas we offer, even if their size is small.

Different types of opening and closing

If you feel you have a hard time choosing from our patio umbrella because there are too many styles to choose from, how about choose your patio umbrella depending on their opening system? There are those that open like a traditional umbrella and have manual stops, consisting of a lock with a pin, to adjust it to different heights. Others are opened by means of a pulley system or by means of a crank. The last two options allow you to regulate the opening of the parasol, which you will always obtain a completely open umbrella. The difference between the crank and the strap ones resides are mainly in the force to be applied to open and fold it (less with the crank).

Perhaps one of the best reasons to invest in a patio cantilever umbrella or shade is because it’ll motivate you to get outdoors more. Having a spot that’s shaded from the sun will be perfect for days when it feels too humid or sunny to go outside. It will also allow you to spend more hours outdoors without having to worry about heat stroke or sunburn. Suddenly you’ll be going outside without even bothering to check the weather forecast.

With Aosom Canada incredible array of patio umbrellas, awnings, and shades, it’s never been easier to transform your outdoor space into the oasis you’ve always wanted.

You might think that a patio umbrella or shade is an unnecessary addition to your outdoor living area, but you’d be wise to rethink that. Patio umbrellas, awnings, and sail shades offer many more benefits than merely providing cover from the sun. We carry a large selection of quality umbrellas and shades in a variety of materials, sizes, and colours. With Aosom.ca, it’s never been easier to find the right umbrella or shade to complete your outdoor space.

How to extend the life of your patio umbrella

Last but not least, let us remind you that the warranty on our patio umbrellas is dependent on the factory requirements. This means that if the umbrella is damaged by misuse, the warranty will not apply. If you want to extend the life of your parasol or umbrella follows these simple steps:

Do not use your garden umbrella when the weather is adverse (storms, heavy rain, winds, etc.)

When you don't use your parasol, close it.

If you are not going to use your parasol for days; take it apart and put it away. It is assembled and disassembled very easily, it will not take you long to store it and, you will considerably extend the useful life of your patio umbrella.

We invite you to take a look at all our patio umbrellas and our bases for patio umbrellas. Whatever your style is, you can protect yourself from the sun and improve the decoration of your outdoor space at fantastic prices.

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