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Bike Trailers

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Bike Trailers

Bike Trailers

One of the leading bicycle riding issues is the lack of space for storage and the ability to carry items with them. AOSOM has found the solution for this inconvenience with its bike trailer products. Therefore, this won’t be a problem anymore. You may enjoy the same benefits of a car ride, only now enjoying your bicycle or e-bike instead.

Riding a bicycle is an excellent exercise for your body and mind. It benefits not only us but also our environment. Moreover, it’s more affordable, fun, and active than driving a car. Noise pollution is also reduced to such an extent that you won’t believe the sounds of nature, such as birds, wind, and others. Everything contributes to having a healthy and relaxing life while carrying everything and everyone you need with you. Carry your kids, belongings, and accessories with you and enjoy your destination without worries.

Bike Cargo Trailers

Aosom has a variety of bike cargo trailers in various designs and colours that fit your style. Do you feel like going for a long ride and enjoying a day elsewhere? Do you feel like doing a picnic while enjoying an outstanding landscape? Or maybe you have a few things to carry to your neighbour a couple of blocks away from where you are? Then, take your belongings with no problem. Keep being efficient, working on your body, and promoting a healthy and environmentally friendly transportation option. AOSOM has a great selection of bike cargo trailers from AOSOM, HOMCOM, and PawHut. We are sure you will find the perfect one for you.

AOSOM offers flexible and convenient bike trailers with detachable front and back walls for more oversized items that don’t fit within the given frame. Its practical design allows you to plan your organization and carry out heavy loads. Suitable for carrying tools, materials, shopping, and anything else. Fold the walls down for easy storage, and transport organization. AOSOM also offers wagon-type cargo bike trailers with full heavy-duty coverage shelter and protection for your items due to their complete closeness. It has a lightweight frame design for long-distance trip usage. Feel confident to store your food, toys, sports accessories, a portable phone battery, and more.

Our HOMCOM cargo bike trailers have a closed wagon-type design that allows them to easily carry pets, tools, luggage, and shipping boxes. Your pets will love to go on this adventure with you. It’s a great way they can also enjoy themselves even when you have a couple of errands to do. It has a foldable design for easy loading and transportation.

Our PawHut cargo bike trailers design offers an entirely removable cover to fit and get out items that occupy more space. It is time to appreciate the good weather and do as many outdoor activities as possible. You know the good weather can change in no time. Consider activities like camping or going to the lake.

Kids Bike Trailers

Do you have your little kids with you? Do you need to carry two kids with you? or maybe you must take them to school or their sports practice? Our kids’ bike trailers are a great option. Carry one or two kids with you with our double-seater kids’ bike trailers. Strengthen your bond while allowing them to enjoy nature with you. Promote a healthy and active lifestyle for your children. They are always watching and copying what we, the adults, are doing. Also, having small children sometimes makes it challenging to find the time you can both enjoy. However, cycling is a great outdoor activity to consider. Explore new bike trailers and enjoy the journey. It’s an everybody wins! Try it, and you will see how much they loved it.

Our AOSOM kids’ bike trailers are an excellent investment because one product has multiple functionalities. Use it as a kids’ bike trailer, add two front wheels to use it as a stroller, or add one front wheel as a jogger stroller. It is lightweight. Thus, it will enable you to move it as you please without much effort. Support your fitness goals while keeping your kids close to you. Now, you can choose how you want to stay active by riding a bicycle, walking, or jogging. For convenient packing and transportation, fold it down and remove its wheels.

More importantly, we are all looking to make suitable investments that save us money. Our cargo and kids’ bike trailer can help us preserve our money because the cost is lesser than driving a vehicle. Enjoy the flexibility, practicality, and convenience of riding your bicycle while attaching a cargo or kids’ bike trailer when wanting it or detaching it when not need it. Take advantage of excellent product quality and prices. AOSOM offers free delivery for all of Canada.

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