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Aerobic Equipment

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Make Awesome Choices of Cardio Equipment from Aosom

Fed up of the overcrowded gyms and scheduling conflicts? Why not buy the right equipment and transform a spare room at home into a multi-functional gym.

Apart from the benefits of a spread-out workout session, owning a good home gym solves many of our day-to-day workout issues. It also makes sense given the five fundamental pros of having a home gym:

  • Freedom to make choices based on your need and not what's available.
  • Privacy only makes the sessions more comfortable.
  • Convenient to work out as per your schedule.
  • Time Efficiency eliminating wasted travel time, prep time, and queue.
  • Cost Efficiency as you save on the hefty trainer fees, transportation.

A gym allows having a healthy and active lifestyle. Not only for weight loss, but it has other benefits too, from mental to physical health.

You may think building a gym at home must require a lot of work. No, it doesn't if you're at the right place, Aosom Canada.

At Aosom Canada, we have various categories under sports and recreation like exercise equipment, aerobics equipment, and cardio machines to fit all of your requirements.

Essential Gym Equipment From Aosom

We have put together some of the must-have gym equipment which is easy to install and use.

Portable Mini Exercise Bikez

These tiny bikes are perfect for indoor exercise. The compact and portable mini bike can be carried anywhere around the house. It is convenient for people with busy work schedules.

The benefit of using a mini exercise bike is that you can work out whenever it is convenient for you, sometimes even in between work. It helps in concentration and burning calories and is one of the best pieces of equipment for an afternoon workout.

As your legs are constantly on pedals, it is something that you can consider on a lazy afternoon. Just like other training machines, it has variable resistance settings. You can customize the setting as low, medium, or high.

Exercise Foldable Bike

The bike is ergonomically designed; it has a comfortable seating design. Regular exercise on the bike will prevent stiffness of the back, strains, and muscle aches.

Riding on an exercise bike is an efficient and effective way of burning calories and strengthening the lungs, heart, and muscles.

The recumbent bike from Aosom is equipped with an LCD screen that records the movement data and helps you maximize the effectiveness of the exercise. You can even use a rope to build biceps while working on the legs.

By viewing our Aerobic Sports range, you'll find multiple types of cost-friendly equipment that do not take much space around your room. On the other hand, with our cardio exercise equipment, you can make a good choice that suits your requirements.

Table Tennis

Along with gym equipment, you can design your abode with sports equipment too. At Aosom, we provide recreational sports equipment that brings a touch of fun to sports. Engaging in sports aids both mental and physical well-being.

For example, if you have spare space in your garage, you can put a table tennis table. The table does not take much space, and it is foldable. So you can store it pretty easily when not in use.


Exercise at home must involve full-body training. A steeper is small, portable, and easy to work with equipment. For example, you can step up and down on a 4 "6 "8" cardio steeper. It helps in weight loss and body strengthening exercises.

At Aosom, we deliver best-in-class home gym equipment that offers a fitness strategy beyond what a commercial gym does. In addition, Aosom delivers a wide range of equipment at an affordable price. So get your gym and sports equipment from Aosom and renovate your home gym for a relaxing and convenient workout session.

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