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Sun Loungers

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Enjoy your Sun Loungers in a relaxed way

Find awesome outdoor loungers at Aosom.ca! Do you want to relax while enjoying the sunbath? A good outdoor relaxation area is often not conceivable without a beautiful garden lounger. At aosom.ca, our outdoor loungers are the ideal complement to any outdoor leisure area, no matter it is a balcony or a garden., If we also have a pool on your patio, you cannot leave it wasted and not place good pool loungers.

Folding sun loungers

We all dream of having a large luxury outdoor pace like a movie star, but in reality, we might not have such a huge space and need to figure out a way to make our patio a much funnier place. No matter how small our outdoor place is, we can always make it a nice, relax, place. The best thing for the small spaces is that you don't need to spend a lot of money on purchasing furniture and at Aosom.ca we have many items such as balcony loungers which you can take advantage of to enjoy your time on your patio while getting some storage space. With this in mind, one of the best things you can do is look at our folding balcony loungers. We have them of different sizes and characteristics. We offer the best sets of folding garden loungers, also you can also buy them individually. As for the details of this type of folding sun loungers, it is worth mentioning that some models are very light and compact, which can fit almost anywhere and easy to carry away when you are going on vacation. These types of outdoor loungers are the perfect ones for you if you want something that is really practical and easy to manage.

Folding sun loungers with footrest

There is another type of folding sun lounger with different futures. They are loungers with footrests, headrests, and even a built-in awning. They are usually larger than our conventional loungers, but if you have a little space, you can enjoy them daily regardless of the sun. With those built-in awnings, you will enjoy your balcony or patio much more since their canopies will protect you from the direct sunlight and provide you a little bit of privacy.

Beach or camping loungers

The typical sun loungers which are for the beach or camping are also very practical at home ... why not use them on your balcony or patio? This type of lounger is usually very easy to use. Normally by adjusting its armrests, you can choose the degree of inclination of its backrest. They are conventional loungers, they are out here in the market for a long time, but they are still very popular today. At Aosom.ca, there are also conventional loungers without arms, and reclining is achieved by adjusting their backrest in various positions at the rear system. Some of these lounges have a hole so that your head does that you can use it as a face cushion, designed for your convenience.

Have you always wanted a seesaw for the whole family, but don't have enough space? Don't worry because this is the era of rocking loungers. Not only the rocking loungers are very comfortable sit, but it is also super fun and relaxing. These loungers are designed to be swinging so you can forget all the stresses of your day. Imagine yourself reading a good book or enjoying your favorite drink while sitting on our rocking lounger on your patio. It is not surprising that each year more gardens and terraces are furnished with this new fusion of outdoor furniture that mixes the conventional lounger with the relaxation of the typical garden seesaw.

In addition, at Aosom.ca, you will always find the most elegant outdoor loungers. Some of our models can be used individually or together, thus you can easily make your own set like going from an outdoor lounger to a two-seater outdoor bed, it is an ideal way to enjoy our free time on your patio without restrictions! This type of fixed lounger is ideal for your house, cottage. Among these types of fixed loungers, you will find many different loungers such as loungers with reclining backrests, loungers with or without armrests. Many of our loungers are made of resistant fabrics and a wooden structure. At Aosom.ca, our model loungers are very decorative and will benefit you if you have a space to dedicate exclusively to them. Although their postures are fixed, usually semi-horizontal, its ergonomic shape makes it one of the preferred loungers for users.

Choose your ideal outdoor lounger

As you can see, there are so many different types of loungers at aosom.ca for you to choose from. In addition, if you pay attention to the space you have and use your imagination to design it, it will be much easier for you to choose the perfect garden lounger model for yourself.

You can even draw small freehand plans to find the layout that suits the space best. Always carefully compare different modules, especially those non-foldable loungers. Many of our lounges have large dimensions, make sure you check the measurements of your space and compare them with the measurements of the product.

In each description of each product, you will find a section of specifications in which more technical questions of the products are detailed and that includes the measurements. Depending on the type of lounger you want to buy, you will be happy to know that you can find some cushions for loungers that are very easy to wash that will provide you with extra comfort.

Colours, not only it is an aesthetic issue for many people, but also it can also be decisive when choosing your lounger. . Dark colours attract the sun, they might be good choices for you if you have a pergola, porch, or awning. In the case of choosing light-colored loungers, try to keep them away from the eating area to avoid unforeseen stains. If you take these small questions into account, your choice of outdoor furniture will be perfect and will give your terrace, balcony, or garden a lot of functionality. Also, do not forget the most important thing and that is that after finding your outdoor set perfect, give yourself the time to enjoy it with those you love the most!

At aosom.ca, we have outdoor loungers come out every year. We always try to bring you the latest news and especially the most original and functional furniture, with which you can make the most of any corner of your home, whether it is indoors or outdoors. If you want to benefit from the extra discounts that we are launching throughout the year, but you don't want to have to be aware of when they come out, we recommend you subscribe to our newsletter, so you will not miss any updates from us.

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