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Patio Furniture

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Patio Furniture

Why Choose Rattan Furniture?

A patio is an awesome place to hang out with your family and friends! Take a look at's rattan furniture that comes with multiple qualities of this material. Although many of the rattan furniture made today is synthetic, it is worth mentioning that there is also natural rattan. Knowing their differences will help you to know the differences between the two martials so, you can make your decision.

Natural rattan is a lightweight material derived from a climbing plant from the tropics. They are long and flexible and have fibers that are very strong. You can hardly break them. Synthetic rattan, as you can imagine, is an imitation of natural rattan. And it has multiple advantages compared to natural rattan. It is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is a very versatile material, and it is one of the most requested materials for garden furniture due to its aesthetics and durability.

Aosom is your source for outdoor furniture. We have a large selection of outdoor patio furniture available for sale, including wicker furniture, patio furniture sets and wrought iron patio furniture. If you’re looking for a patio set, Aosom is the place to be. We frequently have outdoor furniture sales; our patio furniture sales offer some the best deals on the market on deck furniture. Our large selection of wicker patio furniture is sure to have a set that’s right for you. Rattan furniture is some of the highest quality and well-crafted patio furniture available. Get your porch furniture today from Aosom.

Aosom is a leader in carrying wicker outdoor furniture. Our selection of lawn furniture and outside furniture is unrivaled, and our prices can’t be beat. We have pool furniture, teak outdoor furniture, modern outdoor furniture, balcony furniture, small patio furniture, front porch furniture and outdoor recliners. Our selection of teak furniture features the strong and sturdy build of teak patio furniture, as well as the natural look that’s so appealing. We have patio conversation sets, which turn your outdoor patio into a social lounge in an instant. We also have metal patio furniture, which is a resilient and clean looking version of backyard furniture. We also sell garden furniture, for you to sit and enjoy your garden, as well as patio décor, to dress up your outdoor space. We have modern patio furniture, cast aluminum patio furniture, wood patio furniture, metal outdoor furniture, resin wicker patio furniture, and iron patio furniture. All these materials are available in an outdoor furniture set. We have some of the best outdoor furniture on the market. Our outdoor patio sets are built to stand the test of time. If you’re looking for a long lasting quality made outdoor furniture, check out our outdoor patio furniture sale.

Aosom Canada carries the best patio furniture on the market. Whether you’re looking for some sectional patio furniture, or just a 3 piece patio set, Aosom has you covered. Whether you’re looking for aluminum patio furniture, a wicker patio set or wooden outdoor furniture, Aosom has the outside patio furniture for you. We have the finest selection of sectional outdoor furniture available today. So if you’re looking to transform your patio with some high quality patio furniture for an affordable price, Aosom is the place to look.

Benefits of rattan furniture

One of its greatest benefits of rattan furniture is its great resemblance to natural rattan. Also, because it's handmade and light appearance. They have greater durability and resistance compared to natural rattan furniture. Rattan furniture requires little maintenance. You can wash them with water and detergent or, do more continuous maintenance such as wiping them with a damp cloth.They are respectful of the environment since they are recyclable furniture. Resistant to weathering, rain, and saltwater (if you have them in coastal areas).And last but not least, synthetic rattan furniture is cheaper than natural rattan furniture.If synthetic rattan furniture does not convince you, you can look at our collections of natural rattan furniture. Although the latter has fewer benefits than synthetic ones. Being a natural material, it has the virtue of being 100% natural and ecological, but on the contrary, it requires much more care and can deteriorate sooner due to its exposure to the elements (rain, low temperatures, UV rays), pests, etc.

What rattan furniture can I buy?

If you have decided to buy rattan furniture, now is the time to think about your needs. Do you have little space, but do not want to give up this type of furniture? Don't worry, has folding rattan chairs and tables combined with metal suitable for the smallest balconies or multipurpose spaces. Do you want to set up a gazebo in the garden with a mega rattan sofa? We have beautiful modular sets that are sure to be the envy of your visits. The versatility of this material is also transformed into the versatility of your furniture. Now we tell you the different options that you can consider.

In order to fulfill everyone's needs. You can find many different sets at, such as table and 2 chair sets, folding table and chair sets, large table sets with multiple chairs, and even coffee table sets with double and single sofas. Depending on your taste and needs and the area where you are going to place them, you will find many options available at

Modular sofa with coffee table

Have you tried's modular sofa with coffee table set? We heard many compliments from your customers that saying those sets look so beautiful and elegant. And it is not like just like that, at, we have very good prices, and this case is no different. Fall in love with's gorgeous modular sofa sets with rattan coffee tables. To adapt in your tent or gazebo, or under a sail awning creating a chillout area of the most.

Garden Parasol and Sun loungers

To spend Summer's sunbathing, to enjoy Spring's fresh air with the sun that begins to heat up, to your time in Autumn to watch leaves fall, even in Winter to have fun in the snow, With's garden parasol and sun lounger sets, your patio space can open for you all year round! 's synthetic rattan loungers built with steel frames and are reclining in various positions. Many have cushions that make them even more comfortable, and they are removable so that they can be washed easily. Lounger packs are usually accompanied by a matching side table, thinking down to the smallest detail.

At when it comes to the garden parasols, we have multiple colours and sizes for you to choose from. When combined with our loungers, you will have a space on your patio that is comfortable, fun, and intimate. In addition, with independent reclining backrests, you can adjust it to her liking, so that one can take a nap while the other reads.

Convertible furniture

Convertible furniture is the quintessential tool in our patio because, as its name says, we can convert it and give it different uses. Inside's rattan furniture collections, you can find sofas with wings that extend to become a bed (they are so beautiful that you might even want to put them inside your house). And they are also contemplated as one of the most original and attractive furniture at the same time. Some of them come with a round modular sofa with a canopy, which turns into a circular coffee table with modular seats.

Auxiliary Furniture

As it also happens to us inside the house, sometimes we need auxiliary furniture. You will also find them outdoors too at, made of rattan. From sets of side tables, coffee tables with a hole to put the umbrella ... to comfortable benches, swings, and even solar rattan floor lamps, each of them will become your good helper during your time in your patio.

Make yourself comfortable on your patio

As happiness says, there is nothing better than feeling at home. And in the end that is the most important thing. If you like rattan furniture, surely in this section you will have found what you are looking for. But if this style does not suit you, the world does not end. Take the opportunity to browse other subcategories of our outdoor and garden section. And if you are looking for auxiliary furniture for the home, something like an ergonomic chair that you are planning to sit for long hours, or even if it is a birthday is coming and you are looking for a gift, do not go because you are in the right place. Our online store has a wide range of products in order to satisfy the needs of our customers.

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