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Here at Aosom Canada we are continuously acquiring different types, styles and sizes of gazebos canopy tents to fit your unique needs. They range from hardtop gazebo, wooden gazebo, metal gazebo, screened gazebo, BBQ gazebo, canopy tents, gazebo replacement canopies and many more. We have tents on sale that will suit your every occasion.

Our Gazebos and Canopy Tents are specially designed from form and material to elegance and appearance our tents are designed to please any party goer and help you throw amazing and sheltered outdoor events in style.

Designed with an emphasis on convenience, our Canopy tents are the lightest and least expensive type of party shelter. Using accordion-style frames, pop-up canopies can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes without the use of any tools. Some even come with storage bags for easy and compact transportation! Without any poles in the center, they are open and if you need a focal point, there is no issue.

Light-weight ?fair weather? Our tents are designed for ease of mobility and use for shade. These typically do not come any larger than 20' x 20', making them undesirable for larger events where more space is needed. Another attribute to consider is the construction. These light-weight models can not stand up to the same wear and tear a heavier tent or canopy could. This makes them typically ill-suited for long term use. On the other hand, there are the more durable, heavy-duty pop up canopies. They are more durable thanks to their very robust and heavy frame. These waterproof enclosures require additional set up time but can withstand more prolonged use. But no matter what you need them for you will easily find the right tent for you from rugged to just aesthetic, Aosom tents are built to please.

When you're selecting the right tent for your event, size does matter. How big should your tent be? It really depends on what type of seating and other extras you are going to have. For example, if your party is going to be relatively simple without a lot of extra furnishing, give each guest 10 to 12 square feet of space. On the other hand, if your party needs a more complicated set-up, it can be a bit more difficult to know how much space is enough. Thankfully when you give a moment to review Aosom Canadas wide selection of tents you will have no trouble finding the right product for you for any occasion.

Common layouts for party tents include the auditorium-style seating, events with meals, events with extra furnishings, and events that have caters, DJs, or bands. All of these will increase the size of tent you require. For events with DJ, band, caterer, or extra furnishings, such as a dance floor or buffet table, you will need to speak with them about how much space they will require before proceeding. No one wants to run out of room during the party. On the other hand, for an event with meals, you have to consider the size of the tables and the number of people. Allowing 12 square feet per person when using round tables, or 10 when using rectangular ones, will typically give you an indication on how much space is required. However, dinners with table-side service are going to need additional space in order to ensure that the servers will have enough room to work. Auditorium-style seating works for speaking engagements, a wedding ceremony, or many other situations. If that is the type of layout you are going to have, it's a good idea to allow between 5 and 6 square feet per chair. That will change, though, if you're using bulkier chairs or have guest needing more space to maneuver. No matter what type of layout you need, it is important to consider it when selecting the tent to house your event. Don't run out of space because of poor planning. Make sure your guests have plenty of room to enjoy your party.

Party tents are made with different materials. But the two most important parts of the party tent is the frame and the top. But what are your options? In both, there are really only two main choices but knowing about the varying options is important. Regardless of which type of shelter you choose, you've really only got two options when it comes to your party tent's supporting structure: aluminum and steel. The most significant differences between these two materials have to do with strength and weight. Aluminum is the lighter option but also more likely to bend than its steel counterparts. On the other hand, steel is significantly heavier, making it sturdier but less portable. Steel also rusts when it corrodes, though many steel frames do come treated to prevent rust; meanwhile, aluminum forms aluminum oxide, a hard substance that actually helps prevent further corrosion.

No one wants to think about bad weather ruining their outdoor event, but even the strongest party tent can't offer the same level of protection as a building. In the event of extreme winds or lightning, your tent can become unsafe and must be evacuated. Therefore, it's a good idea to prepare an emergency weather evacuation plan beforehand. Especially when it comes to rain.

The difference between water-resistant and waterproof is important when it comes to party tents and canopies. Waterproof means your canopy or tent is completely impervious to water, usually as a result of receiving a special treatment or coating. Water-resistant, on the other hand, means it is capable of handling a lot of exposure to moisture, but still vulnerable to water penetration and related damage. The type of top a shelter has largely depends on its style. Instant canopies, for example, tend to have water-resistant tops while pole, frame, and tension tents often have waterproof ones.You might wonder why that is. Most waterproof materials simply can't handle rapid installation and frequent use as well as water-resistant materials. So for pop up tents, which are constantly being put up and taken down, the additional protection simply isn't worth the potential reduction in durability. For the others, wear becomes less of an issue because these types of shelters are also more likely to be left standing for longer periods, making moisture resistance more important.

These are all incredibly important considerations to make when deciding which tent is right for you and your event but you can rest assured that our wide selection of Gazebos and Canopy Tents are designed perfectly to address all of the above material and weather concerns so you and your family can enjoy the outdoors at great prices. These are all considerations to make and they are extremely important in helping inform what the best product for you. Aosom Canada has one of the largest selection of tents in Canada and we are ready for ALL Canadian weather with the right product for the right events.

From pop-ups temporary uses to our hardtop permanent fixtures we got you covered. We have a variety of gazebos: hardtops, squared, rectangular, hexagon, and dome like ones. Gazebos with netting and curtains, pavilion shaped ones, and many more. We have an assortment in price as well; for those that are on a budget to those that want higher end models.

Thank you for choosing Aosom.

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