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Elevated Dog Beds

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PawHut Elevated Dog Beds

PawHut Elevated Dog Beds

Did you know that dogs spend more than 50% of their day time sleeping? The larger the breed, the more they will sleep and vice versa. Other factors including age, kind, and health will influence our dogs’ sleeping hours which may vary from one to two hours. All dog owners know how good it feels to lay down in a comfortable, cool, and in-style high bed. This is the same feeling our dogs will have when trying PawHut Elevated Dog Beds.Let’s check our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds Main highlights!

Our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds main feature is that it’s raised up from the floor. Our PawHut High Dog Beds frame consists of a strong powder-coated steel frame with four stable legs and a trendy cot, very attractive in style and design. The mesh fabric used in our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds is strong enough to hold our dogs safely while remaining stable. It won’t tip over! In terms of weight, our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds can hold up to 110 pounds approximately. We can consider putting our chic Chihuahua or maybe our lovely Golden Retriever within.

Our stylish and elegant AOSOM customers prefer our PawHut Elevated Dog Bed Frame, Furniture Style Pet Sofa because of its modern portable functionality with a soft cushion, which makes it perfect for large dogs like a Labrador Retriever. Check out this product at

Not only we can ache from heat- and sun- related injuries, our dogs too! But, don’t worry AOSOM has you cover! Some of our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds come with a canopy top held with bungee cords to keep your dog cool, fresh, and more importantly safe from the hot extreme temperatures we can experience during this summer season.

One of our most trendy PawHut Elevated Dog Beds chose by pet owners is the PawHut Elevated Pet Cot with Removable Canopy Shade which allows your dog to be protected from the UV radiation. As well, this high bed is foldable and very portable, fitting easily in a carry bag. The sizes vary from large and medium-sized dogs to small. The PawHut Elevated Dog Bed black colour makes the bed to look elegant and stylish either indoors or outdoors of your home. Check out this product at PawHut Elevated Pet Cot with Removable Canopy Shade UV Protection Portable Foldable Raised Bed Cot Carry Bag for Large and Medium-sized Dogs Indoor Outdoor Black| Aosom Canada.

5 PawHut Elevated Dog Bed Facts

Checking PawHut Elevated Dog Bed facts which may make you think twice about allowing your pet to sleep on the ground or not. All you need to know is described below.

1.Promotes Good Health

Being raised off the ground in the PawHut Elevated Dog Bed allows your pet to stop suffering from joint pain and uncomfortable pressures from laying on a hard floor. In addition, the PawHut Elevated Dog Bed allows your dog to be comfortable with the flexible and adjustable mesh conforming to its body silhouette. We are confident your dog will love and enjoy their PawHut Elevated Dog Bed.

It allows ventilation and air flow through the space between the bed and the ground. This allows your dog to regulate its body temperature easier due to the beds’ better breathability. Resulting we hope in a better quality of sleep for your dog.

2.Easy to Clean

Having the beds mesh away from the ground allows you to easily and rapidly clean underneath of your PawHut Elevated Dog Bed. Making your dog’s bed low maintenance. The mesh is easy to wipe and disinfect due to its material.Keeping the bed elevated from the ground also makes it more difficult for insects and bugs to reach your sleeping dog.


Its lightweight materials allow PawHut Elevated Dog Bed to be portable and convenient for storage in any homes. The high bed features allow this bed to be easily assemble and disassembled.


PawHut Elevated Dog Bed design and style makes it very difficult for your dog to chew. This fact allows the product to increase its life expectancy while decreasing the extra expense of purchasing another bed.

Our PawHut Elevated Dog Bed great stability and sturdiness does not make it easy for our dogs to drag, chew, and play with it around. The high beds four legs provide an even support making it hard to tip over.

5.In-style design

Our PawHut Elevated Dog Bed brings a modern and glamorous style to your indoor or outdoor spaces. Our high beds have beautiful finishes with its shape, colour, and cushion, making the PawHut Elevated Dog Bed a gorgeous decorative item in your homes. Our high beds are aesthetically appealing making it your favourite choice over any other bed in the market.

Having your pet bed on the ground may not be that cool after you read this. Browse our website to find all our PawHut Elevated Dog Beds selection.

Free Delivery of PawHut Elevated Dog Bed

AOSOM provides a convenient delivery of your PawHut Elevated Dog Bed. All orders are free of distribution charges for all Canada. We commit to bringing all AOSOM products straight to the door of your home for your suitability.

Order your PawHut Elevated Dog Bed and give your dog the best sleep experience they ever dreamed about.

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