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Aosom Dropshipper Program

The Aosom Dropshipper Program is designed to offer better prices and support to dropshipper who wish to sell our products in their offline or online stores. Dropshippers receive reduced pricing, up to 25%, on all purchases. The tiered discount increases over time, with the more you order!

How does the dropshipper program work?
1. Register an account in Aosom Canada, and we will authorize your account to be a dropshipper account.
2. You can sell Aosom products in your store or website.
3. Customer orders from your website or store.
4. You place the order on Aosom Canada.
5. Aosom Canada will ships directly to your customers.

Why join our dropshipper program?
Awesome pricing and discounts that scale the more you order!
No minimum spend to maintain account!
Convenient on-demand ordering!
Dedicated customer service!
Get items delivered to multiple stores or directly to customer!
Wholesale access to our product catalog, over 3000 Aosom products to choose from!
Zero cost to join!

Who can join our dropshipper program?
The Aosom Dropshipper Program is for retailers who plan on reselling Aosom goods in their store or own website. No products or goods purchased from or produced by Aosom Canada shall be resold by or through some marketplace sites (such as eBay, Amazon, Wayfair or other similar marketplace sites).

How do I join the program?
It's very simple! We put more than 3,000 products at your disposal and send them directly to your customer. Start making money as soon as possible, follow these simple steps:

  • 1
    Apply for an account
    Register an account in Aosom Canada and we will review your information. Once your information has been reviewed and verified, we wlll authorize your account to be a wholesaler account.
  • 2
    Browse our catalog and select products
    Select the products you want to sell from Aosom Canada and add them to your store.
  • 3
    Place orders
    Select the products you want to sell in your store or your customer purchased and place orders directly on aosom.ca, 24/7!
  • 4
    Our warehouse will promptly ship your order to your store or your customer's address! For more info on shipping, see Shipping FAQ.
Thanks for your application. We'll respond to you soon.