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Pet Supplies

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Backyard Happy Hours
Save12% Off & Up to 60% Off
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Backyard Happy Hours
Save12% Off & Up to 60% Off
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Backyard Happy Hours
Save12% Off & Up to 60% Off
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Backyard Happy Hours
Save12% Off & Up to 60% Off
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Purchase Pet Supplies from Aosom

Make awesome choices from our various items collections!

Owning pets is undoubtedly one of the greatest pleasures in life. When you return home after a long day of work, isn’t it super nice to see our fluffy friends greet us at the door and gives a big smile as always?

At Aosom Canada, we are all pet lovers and want to provide you with our most popular supplies so you and your pet(s) can enjoy time together. In Aosom’s Cats and Dog collections, we are proudly introducing you to our hottest sellers such as dog bed carriers and cat trees. For people who have small animals we have products such as Hamster Cages, Bird Cages, and Chicken Coops to fulfill all your needs.


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>> Small Animals Supplies from Aosom

Dog Supplies from Aosom

They that dogs are human's best friends. A study from Simmons National Consumer suggested that in America there are at least 77 million dogs and 54 million cats, or about the same as the veterinary association. With so many dog lovers out there, we as proudly introduce our Dog supplies to you. Take a look at our Dog Beds & Furniture, we have dog beds/sofas in different sizes and colours. Indoor and outdoor. No matter you have a large dog like a German Shepherd or a small Teddy, you will always find the right size Dog Bed to fit your dog(s).

For those who want to travel with their pets, take a look at our Pet Stollers and Pet Carries, no matter which ways you choose to travel with your pets, we always have something for you. For those dogs that want to spend more time in the yard, we have Pet Playpen in many different sizes under our Houses, Kennels & Pens collection to fulfill all your needs.

Want to be a master of dog training? We have various dog training equipment under Toys & Equipment to allow you to have your dog trained in no time!

Cat Supplies from Aosom

Other than dog owners, cat owners are the second largest group among all pets owners. There’s almost no end to the studies that reveal the surprising healing benefits a cat’s presence can have. We’ve already had a brief look at their general health benefits, but it turns out cats can also help us recover from various traumas. Recovering surgery patients and members of the armed forces with PTSD sometimes report feeling better thanks to the presence of a cat.

As a cat owner, the first thing you need to ensure is to provide your cat(s) a nice and comfortable place to sleep. Cats like to stay on high ground to patrol their kingdom to feel at ease, and this is why you need a Cat Tree from Our cat trees build with high-quality particle board with skin-friendly plush covering to keep your cats warm and comfortable. With a variety of sizes and colours, your cats will feel like a king in no time!

Birds Supplies from Aosom

It is truly is a lovely feeling to hear your birds greet you when you come home each day or when you get up in the morning. Studies have shown that the companionship you get from pet birds can mirror some of the elements of human relationships that are known to contribute to your health. And don’t forget that birds are amusing creatures.

They can do tricks like dogs and cats and they can do things that not even dogs can do! Also, birds require low-maintenance unlike dogs and cats, the most expensive investment for you is to find a fine Bird Cage for your birds! At, we offer a wide variety of sizes and types of bird cages for you, no matter you have more than one bird or one large bird you will find what you need at

Small Animals Supplies from Aosom

Not really to have a “large” pet such as dog and cat? Then have a small animal as your pet instead! For hamster lovers we have multiple Hamster Houses available for you to choose from, and rabbit lovers can also find various Rabbit Hutches to choose from Aosom. If you are looking for having fresh eggs every day, check nowhere but Aosom! With our Chicken Coops, you can easily pick the style that catches your eyes and raise your own chicken in your backyard in no time!