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Beauty Supplies

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Beauty Supplies from Aosom

In this day an age, where beauty is a 600 Billion dollar industry, it is important to find easy ways to make your routine easier on yourself without sacrificing quality results. Here are 3 essential beauty supplies that Aosom offers for you beauty convenience at home.

Makeup Cases

Makeup cases are compact, portable and can hold all your makeup essentials. A catchall for your beauty products, a chic way to keep them in one place and easy on the eyes. Let's explore what you need to know about these handy storage containers!

  • Help you cut down your morning routine without sacrificing quality.
  • Keeps all your beauty products in one place and easy on the eyes.
  • Creates a spacious, clutter-free space for your makeup (especially if you're living with roommates).
  • A convenient way to store all of your essentials.

With Aosom’s Soozier makeup cases, you can keep all of your makeup secure and in one place for maximum convenience. Being a professional makeup artist or an aspiring student just growing your collection, you'll find theses cases are a durable companion. It is high quality safe and stable cosmetic case organizer in good quality. It the mostconvenient way to store and organize your makeup and accessories.

Salon Stools

A salon stool is a must-have for any creative industry professional. If you're looking to get your hair trimmed, dyed or styled, then you'll need the right salon equipment in order to get the job done. A good salon stool will allow you to comfortably sit to let you glam up, or for stylists to cut, trim, and style your hair. This allows for more efficient styling that leaves you with better results. A good salon stool will also be lightweight, easy on the eyes and made from high quality materials so it doesn't break down after a single use. With all of these features in mind, we rounded up our favorite salon stool below!

Avelle Salon Stool

Lightweight, sturdy and sleek looking-this stool is made for a variety of settings. From beauty salons to barbering shops, you can find this chair at many different types of businesses. Its aluminum frame is high quality and durable while its studs give it a modern, studded look.

This stool will not be too heavy and is easy on the eyes while being made from durable materials that hold up to rigorous use! The Avelle Salon Stool is perfect for any professional setting and we recommend this item if you're looking for one in particular.

Fully adjustable height with easy-to-control hydraulic lift system to meet different needs while in sitting position.

Our salon stools are made of industrial grade leather and sponge cushioned seats for maximum comfort. It is widely used by hairdressers, beauticians, barbers, and tattoo makers, as the hydraulic design makes it convenient to adjust the height for more suitable positions.

Mirrored Jewelry Cabinet

Benefits of a mirrored jewelry cabinet. Here you can store your most prized jewelry pieces and keep them safe from dust, dirt and sunlight which are common enemies to any jewel. A good mirrored jewelry cabinet will also be made from high quality materials that will resist rusting, chipping or cracking-keeping your precious jewels safely in place! Let's explore some reasons why everyone needs a mirrored jewelry cabinet.

  • Helps you keep your jewels safe and sound-stores them away in a jewelry box that's out of reach from dust, dirt or sunlight.
  • Much easier to store than having all your jewelry scattered on the floor! A mirrored cabinet is compact, lightweight and can be put anywhere without taking up too much space.
  • Aosom’s HOMCOM Mirrored Jewellery cabinets feature LED lights with auto on and off powered features and much more!
  • With 3 rows of earing slots 24 necklace hooks 7 rows slots for rings a built-in make-up mirror a shelf with 9 positions to store eyebrow pencils or cosmetic brushes a fold able small table 4 compartments with divider to place small items 2 small drawers and 1 big drawer, Jewellery Cabinets at Aosom provide ample storage space for all your pieces.
  • The full length mirror outside with 4-level adjustable angle provides you best view for dressing and better performance of your head-to-toe outfit.

You have the convenience of keeping all your jewelry beautifully displayed well organized and easily accessible with this floor standing Jewelry Cabinet from our HOMCOM range. With a delicate look from the outside, the inside of the cabinet reveals a black velvet lining, giving it a luxurious look overall. Clean stylish and contemporary, this organizer is a beautiful addition to any style surrounding.

If you're looking for a way to save time during your morning routine and still maintain quality results, it's important to find the right beauty supplies. These 3 essential items can help maximize efficiency while cutting down on clutter in your life-allowing you more free time to focus on what really matters.

A makeup case is great because they are compact, portable and have room for all of your products as well as being easy on the eyes. Salon stools offer mobility that allow stylists to cut hair efficiently without taking up too much space or risking injury from standing for long periods of time like at home. Mirrored jewelry cabinets also come with many benefits including keeping jewels safe and sound so be sure not overlook these when shopping around!

Thus, what are you waiting for? Take the first step to building up your beauty essential setup NOW!

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