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Camping Cots

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Many of us love to camping, and if you want to get a good night's sleep during camping, hiking, or driving, then a sleeping bag is essential. When used with a camping cot, it will be even more comfortable and convenient! However, there are various types and brands of tent camping cot, with different types and temperature insulation effects; it is not easy for you to find a nice camping cot.


>>Are camping cots worth it?

>>Difference between camping pad and camping cot

>>Types and features of camping pad

>>Why to choose camping cot?

Are camping cots worth it?

In many of our favourite outdoor activities such as mountain climbing and camping, we can finally run away from the hustle and bustle of the city, relax in the leisure of nature, and forget all our worries. But once it's time to go to bed, the hard ground in the tent may pull people back to reality. At this time, you need a sleeping bag plus a sleeping Cot! When you put our sleeping bag on top of your sleeping cot, you can bring full comfort like bedding on a bed at home. The main cushioning sleeping can eliminate the hard feeling by giving you a ground clearance and bring a comfortable and pleasant sleeping experience. In addition, the sleeping cot can also cut off the cold air from the ground, so that the sleeping cot can better perform its heat preservation effect! Due to the different geographical environment, especially in the winner, some campsites are cold in the night. If you have the golden combination of sleeping cot plus sleeping bag, you can easily sleep well. At, our fordable camping cot are built strong comfortable and can last for a really long time! They will make you feel want a good sleep this those folding camp cots for camping! They only take about 2 mins to set up, and these folding camp cots make camping a snap and are great for any outdoor use!

Difference between camping pad and camping cot

So what are the differences between camping pad and camping cot? Which one should I choose? In order to understand these questions, let’s figure out why you need a sleeping pad or cot during your sleeping time in your camping tent. There are four ways to lose heat from the human body: evaporation, convection, conduction, and radiation. Among them, conduction and convection dissipate the most heat, while lying down while sleeping, the heat loss from conduction accounts for the bulk. If you sleep directly on the ground outdoors, the result is that no matter how thick a sleeping bag is wrapped, you will feel cold, because the ground is constantly sucking your heat away. There will be a large loss of heat, ranging from weak action the next day, or cause you to direct lose your body temperature at night. Camping pad and camping cot, in the sense of isolating the cold earth, have become indispensable equipment for outdoor activities. Compared with the beds at home, they are lighter in weight and easy to pack, making them suitable for outdoor activities.

Types and features of camping pad

Usually, there are two types of camping pad/sleeping pad. Foam pad - achieved through warm inside tight closed-cell foam material of countless small balloons and Inflatable pad - artificially constructed airbag, charge air, warm achieved. Some models will fill the airbag with other insulation materials to further improve the thermal performance.

The advantages of foam pads are no need to inflate, no fear of puncture, can be used by throwing on the ground, stable structure, and durability. However, their disadvantages are also very obvious, they are uncompressible and usually large in size. Also, those pads bodies are thin, unable to effectively filter part of the uneven terrain. On the other hand, inflatable pads require a small storage volume, their weight is light, and they are easy to carry. And as you can see, those inflatable pads are not perfect. Once the puncture leaks, it will become a waste in seconds, and the structure of the inflatable bag is not very strong, and the damage of part of the internal connection will cause the air cushion to bulge and affect your use.

Why to choose camping cot?

However, by using a camping cot, you will find they actually come with all those advantages from that camping pad! Our fordable camping cots are light to carry, only take a small space, and easy to assemble. More important, they can provide you a great heat preservation effect! With the ground clearance they provide to you, the air will effetely become your shield to prevent your body heat loss. With all that information, we have to know that camping cot are not perfect either. Compare to some premium camping pad, it might not able to provide your that soft and cozy feeling. As result, we would recommend you to use both camping cot and camping pat, to achieve the best result.

When you put your camping mat on your camping cot, they will be the best combination of functionality and comorbidity! This golden combination will not only prevent you from body temperature loss but also provide you a cozy environment to sleep during your night in the wild.

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