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Outsunny  Greenhouse

Explore outsunny greenhouse collection and find yourself a awesome greenhouse to grown your plants all year round!

We have long, cold, freeing Winter with weathers such as snow storm or frozen rains in Canada, daytime ends pretty fast and nights are long. During the winter time, we are facing many challenges and we have to give up some of our hobbies in the Winter simply due to the weather condition. If you are a gardening lover and you might be one of us who might have to give up your hobby in Winter and leave your favourite garden behind. A very low temperature can ruin your entire harvest. Here in Canada, as in many other parts of the world, we do not have a mild climate all year round and winters can be very cold. If you don't want inclement weather or low temperatures to stop you to having fun in your garden; visit right now to take a look at our greenhouse collections. With many sizes, shapes, and colours available we take care of you just fine. Please remember that our greenhouses will not only protect your plants in Winter but in all year round! We have greenhouse kits for small greenhouses, portable greenhouses, indoor greenhouses and mini greenhouses. Next, we are going to show you different types of greenhouses so that you can find the one that best suits your space and needs.

Huge land requires large solution

There is no better way to describe large-format greenhouses than this phrase. Well, this phrase may not 100% correct. Great evils such as frost and cold can be solved with large greenhouses you purchased from We have greenhouses up to 8 meters long, 3 meters wide, and 2 meters high. As you can imagine, this is the most powerful solution if you want to work in your garden all around the year. The materials we use to make our greenhouses are highly durable and great to keep the temperature inside your greenhouse isolated from the outside world. Made with galvanized steel frames and waterproof polyethylene fabric, our greenhouse will last at least a couple years long. Our greenhouses have large drop-down entrances, most of them come with zippers for easy access. Come with side windows, many with mosquito nets to facilitate ventilation of the interior space. You can see that our greenhouses are designed to work and care for all of our gardening lovers, and no matter how harsh our Winter is, is here to hold your back!

Functional while durable, but in a small format

Following the style of our larger greenhouses, you can find that our smaller greenhouses are made with the same language. At, greenhouses in smaller sizes, but still in line with enough height to achieve our high standard. Inside our small greenhouses, you can something as small as wall greenhouses, which have similar characteristics to the previous ones, but much more compact. Come with robust and resistant structures, roll-up doors, windows with mosquito nets, and more. One unique feature that they have, along with the larger ones (and that we had not said before) is the length of the waterproof fabric. The waterproof fabric of the greenhouses is usually about 10-20cm longer than its height, why are the fabrics longer than the structures of the greenhouses? That is because our greenhouses are designed thinking down to the last detail, and in the same way that we always look for the best materials, attractive designs, affordable prices ... we look for functional furniture and accessories. And the extra 10-20cm waterproof fabric serves to further waterproof your greenhouse, even giving the possibility of burying this part. Another characteristic of some of these greenhouses also the most interesting thing in our opinion is that there are greenhouses that come with shelves! Do you know what that means? That means we reduced space by using the surface at the highest level to make the most of our space, and they look amazing too.

Aosom's classic greenhouses

If you are in love with the classic shape of greenhouses, and you don't need super large ones or you don't have enough space for them, we propose greenhouses in a smaller format. Although within this range you can find greenhouses in different sizes. One of the main differences between our classic greenhouse compare to others is the height, since we are no longer talking about greenhouses in which we can enter standing up, but they reach approximately a maximum of 80-100cm. Consequently and of course, they do not have a very considerable width either. Although nobody prevents us from crouching or even kneeling if you like to be near your plants and are going to kneel down to plant them or pick the lettuces, we have some of those classic greenhouses here for you.

And we have more

At Aosom. Ca, we also have polycarbonate greenhouses. Our polycarbonate greenhouses are designed in a small-medium format. They are designed to be manipulated from the outside as we access them through folding and adjustable ceilings. Also, they are ideal for optimal ventilation. Made of aluminum alloy and corrosion-resistant hardware, they appear to convey a feeling of maximum strength and security. In one word, polycarbonate greenhouses are alternatives to traditional greenhouses which are very attractive and just as practical and efficient. Don't forget to check at both of those awesome collections on, and decide which one you like.

Now that you know most of the characteristics of our greenhouses, it will surely be easier for you to choose the one that suits you best. Before you make any decisions, simply think about whether you want a large greenhouse that allowed you can move around freely while standing or just a small greenhouse to protect your plants. If you want a regular greenhouse in the corner of your yard, don't forget that has one of the Polycarbonate models that measures almost two meters long and 51cm wide and high that can make your corner become your favorite Winter spot. Just remember that no matter what kind of greenhouses you need, with so many sizes, shapes, and colours available at, you will find the greenhouse that fits you the best in no time.

We have greenhouse kits for sale in a variety of styles to best suit your garden. A garden greenhouse is one of the best ways to boost the growing potential of your plants. Our polycarbonate greenhouses are strong and resilient, and will weather the elements with ease. A home greenhouse will bring industrial strength growing to your backyard. Setting up an outdoor greenhouse is easy with our instructions. If you don’t have room for a large greenhouse, we have small greenhouses for sale, even mini greenhouses, so you can have a little space to grow your plants like a pro.

Just starting a hobby greenhouse is a great step toward become a better gardener. We have some of the best greenhouses on the market for people wanting to up their gardening game. Even a little greenhouse provides a great place for plants to get a healthy start growing before their moved to other parts of the garden. Greenhouse farming is simple and efficient, and you’ll love the results. Our greenhouse prices are low, so anyone can start their backyard growing project without a financial hurdle. Greenhouse construction is quick and easy, and you’ll have your patio greenhouse or small portable greenhouse up and running in no time. We sell many types of greenhouses, including indoor greenhouse kits, so you’re sure to find the right greenhouse for you. If you’re looking to take your gardening to the next level, look no further than a greenhouse from Outsunny.

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