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Cat Trees

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PawHut Cat Trees

PawHut Cat Trees

Dear cat lovers,
You more than anyone understand your pet’s activity around the house. More specifically you know your cat’s needs with regard to their emotions, mood, and energy. As you may know, cats are similar to felids, so naturally, they can hunt.
In addition, cats tend to have very flexible bodies, quick and spontaneous reactions, sharp retractable claws, and strong and sharp teeth to target small animals. Therefore, they love, enjoy, and need to use their energy and animal instincts while being indoors. At the same time, as homeowners, we are constantly attempting to have their homes organized and without scratches on their furniture, floor, walls, and any other objects. AOSOM understands this could be a challenge for many cat owners, so we strongly believe our beautiful PawHut Cat Trees can be what you and your cats require at this time.

At AOSOM, you may find the following PawHut Cat Trees selection:
1.Cat Towers
2.Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees
3.Cat Posts
4.Cat Stairs
5.Cat Climbing Wall

Why Do Cats and Their Owners Love PawHut Cat Trees?

Cats can benefit from PawHut Cat Trees in various ways. They can use them to have a high view of their territory, exercise, and relieve their stress and emotions. All this will influence positively your cat’s life.
Simultaneously, cat owners love PawHut Cat Trees because they see their cats happy and energetic without damaging objects around the house. Also, this can result in great savings from the owners’ perspective. In addition, our PawHut Cat Trees aesthetic and design are so stunning that they may look like part of your home decoration.

PawHut Cat Trees Main Features

Let’s go over the main feature of our PawHut Cat Trees assortment.

Cat Towers
Our PawHut Cat Towers are a fantastic space saver in our homes due to their tower design which makes them have higher than wider dimensions. More significantly, this PawHut Cat Tree offers a complete activity center your cat will adore. Our PawHut Cat Tower’s main features include a multi-level activity center with sisal rope, perches, a tunnel, a cat ladder, and a hanging ball for more entertainment.
A great product to consider is our PawHut Cat tree Tower Climbing Kitten Activity Center Furniture with Sisal Scratching Post Tunnel Ladder Perch Hanging Balls. You can find them in white or grey colours.

Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees
Our Floor to Ceiling Cat Trees is fabulous to keep our cats fully occupied due to its various platforms available to explore. It is huge. That’s why we call it the cat condo! It has several features such as multiple perches, condos, baskets, cat tunnel, climbing ladders, and dangle toys as well as great scratching areas, which guarantees your cat a good quality of life.
AOSOM customers’ favourite is the PawHut 94"-102" Huge Cat Tree Ceiling High Cat Condo Scratching Post Activity Center Multi-Level Play House. You can find it in light grey colour.

Cat Posts
The majority if not all of our PawHut Cat Trees include posts for our cats to scratch. Sometimes a simple post to scratch and liberate that energy is all our cats may need. Also, this tends to reduce our cats’ stress while improving their health.
For this reason, our AOSOM customers recommend the PawHut 58" Huge Cat Tree Kitty Activity Center Cat Climbing Toy Rest Pet Furniture with Sisal Scratching Post Pad Condo Bed Perch with a Ladder and a Hanging Ball. It is ideal to protect your furniture while keeping your cat busy, happy, and relaxed. The product comes in brown color.

Cat Stairs
You may like more the functional PawHut Cat Stairs after you read the following. It allows your cats to have more flexibility to jump to higher spaces as they like to do. Similarly, our PawHut Cat Stairs will avoid your cat from getting injured while keeping him healthy and active. A great product that fits that description is our PawHut Cat Trees 4 Tier Pet Stairs Dog Cat 4 Steps Kitty Scratching Post Cat Scratch Furniture in dark grey colour.

Cat Climbing Wall
Some of our cats may have infinitive energy and will just start climbing the walls to release it. Our PawHut Cat Climbing Wall is ideal to deal with this problem. Our product can help our cats to do it in a safe and better way without damaging our property. Additionally, our PawHut Cat Climbing Wall is just beautiful wall scenery.
Check this astonishing PawHut Cat Tree 5PCs Pet Wall-mounted Climbing Frame Shelf Set Kitten Perch Activity Center with Hammock, Scratching Post, Jumping Platform, Condo in light brown colour to validate our points.

Enjoy a good cat companionship while protecting your home belongings.

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