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Bike Parking Stands

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Bikes & Accessories in Aosom.ca are hare to ensure you have joyful and accomplished experiences with your bikes. We have bike trailer coupler hitch connector and foldable adjustment Circle to help you fix and adjust your bikes without breaking a sweat. With our different sizes of bike Rack Parking Storage Stands, you can park your bikes anywhere you want. In addition, with our unicycle available online, you will enjoy a completely new experience compare to the regular biking experiences.


>> Bike Coupler

>> Bike parking

Bike Coupler

This Bike Coupler / Hitch is used to connect Aosom brand bicycle trailers to your bike. With this you can simply switch your trailer among various bicycles quickly and easily! Extra universal coupler/hitch can be used to connect trailer with the bike. It is useful if you have two or more bikes and want to exchange the trailer between bikes. With this extra hitch you can do the exchange in less than 30seconds. Moreover, if you want to change tires or DIY your bicycle by yourself?Try our Soozier adjustment circle, you will get the support you need and fix your bike easily. This adjustment circle is folded which means it's easy to carry and also storage.

Want to try something different? Try our Soozier 20”-inch wheel unicycles. Riding a unicycle can exercise two-way balance and coordination ability, help the development of the cerebellum, promote the development of the brain, improve intelligence, and have an irreplaceable effect on enlightening children's wisdom. Long-term riding a unicycle can exercise balance and nerve reflex, so that the shoulders, waist, spine, legs, and ankles can be fully exercised, and physical flexibility can be enhanced. One thing we should know is that riding a unicycle may look dangerous, but it is not actually not that dangerous compare to some other sports such as skateboarding. The working principle of the unicycle determines that its speed is not fast. It is very safe during practice and riding. In case the balance is lost, the foot falls on the ground, the person stops, the bicycle falls out, and it is not easy to be injured. At Aosom.ca, our Soozier unicycles are ideal for both novices and beginners. their solid height-adjustable steel structure will ensure you use it for years. It is designed for practice on flat and smooth ground. In addition, its round steel fork and non-slip pedals will ensure you to work safely and its pretty comfortable, and ergonomic saddle with handle and 20-inch wheel will offer you great comfort and stability.

Bike parking

Our parking stands is another equipment that you need to check out! Our bike parking rack from HOMCOM is ideal for storing bikes securely in sheds garages and garden to protect them from scratches or damages while making the parking well-ordered. Made from heavy-duty steel with rust-proof powder coating for sturdy construction to enable your long-term use. Based on the different sizes available, you can park several bikes at the same time or just transform it into a single bike parking rack as you needed. they are very easy to install and disassemble, fits the vast majority of bike tires, and can be floor or wall-mounted. Keep your bikes in order while saving space with this bike parking stand.

Our Soozier adjustable bike rack (with tie-down straps and wheel locks) is another great product you need to pay attention to!The bicycle rack can solve the problem of carrying bicycles when traveling. The simplified design can be well integrated with your vehicle. Whether on the road or in the parking lot, the straps and wheel locks can protect your bicycle well. The adjustable boom can meet your different needs, and the installation is easy too!

Visit our Bikes & Accessories page now and make yourself a great biking experience now!

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