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Baby & Toddler Toys

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Baby & Toddler

Are you looking for an activity to keep your child busy or just to make them happy? Whether during the Easter holidays, Halloween, school holidays or birthdays, we offer games and toys for children and the whole family. You will find everything you need for your child to have the time of their life no matter the age.

Finding the right toy for your child is not always easy. To help you choose the toy that will best suit your child and that will make him really happy, here is our little guide.

What toy for what child?

From 0 to 6 months:

From their first days, babies need to start developing communication skills and it is through the activities of awakening and exploring the world by playing with their sense so that they can start to develop and grow. Help your baby wake up with an awakening mat. They are starting to want to discover the world. Thanks to the carpet of awakening, you will be more quiet in case of fall, it will not hurt.

From 6 months to 12 months:

Focus on manipulation games. Focusing on manipulation games for children is crucial at such a young age so that they can focus on developing. As children start to sit, crawl and sometimes even walk during these years.

From 1 to 2 years:

Now on too one of the top big growth phases. It’s time for your child to walk and for you enjoy the process of them growing up! They’ll love everything that moves like rocking toys. They will also like to pull toys at the end of a string. It is also the age of starting to play with blocks and create shapes using their imagination. Playing in the sand will become some of the favorite fun.

Another big part of this age group is imitating their surroundings. Children will begin to understand the simple stories and motion of everyday activities.

From 2 to 3 years:

Your child will now develop his or her fine motor skills. The children’s bike, the balance bike or the tricycle will become his or her best friends as he start to develop those motor skills while still needing your help. Your child will learn to coordinate their movements. Ours bike will allow the child to work on his balance in order to learn how to ride later on in life. The learning of the balance bike is ideal from 2 years old.

They also now need to move and release their energy. By pedaling, your child is letting off steam. At the same time, it uses and develops their muscles and will continue to coordinate their range of movements better and better.

From 2 years old, children will start to want to ride a scooter. Prefer a 2 in 1 model with 3 wheels for more stability. It’s a good way to learn balance and coordination

They now make all the big movements and decisions on their own and nothing stops them! Pretending is the big game at that age. Now they prefer to play with other children, which is much more interesting…. Especially since now the child now plays with other children and not just by themselves. They can play together to tinker with a work bench or at the dinette with kitchens for children. Even if the games take place outdoors, then we will prefer electric cars to drive like mom and dad or slides for the first slides.

From 3 years old:

From 3 years up is one of the steps. They now begin to start making all the big moves and decisions on their own.. Nothing stops them! Not only are they starting to interact with other children enjoy the social aspect of growing up in this stage they start to imitate their surroundings.

Seeing you cook or tinker, your child will want to imitate you which is a perfect pairing with our child size kitchen toys. In a kitchen to their size, your little chef imitates your gestures by flips pots and pans around no matter they will identify with you and want to continue that bond by mimicking your routines. Thus preparing them for gradual entry the adult world.

Another imitation that you want to encourage is driving. Our electric car toys have a smooth and comfortable drive with extra-wide tires seat belts lockable doors and wheel suspension design for maximum safety for your kid riding. The kid's electric car starts at low speed which allows your child to timely response to unexpected situations. Making you feel reassured and giving them their freedom.

Your child will continue to get acquainted also with our wide selection of 3-wheeled scooters before moving on to the 2-wheeled ones around 5 years old.

From 5 years old:

Trampoline is the kind of activity that your kids will enjoying and will tire them our for your benefit. It’s the perfect outdoor game.

Start introducing your child to music with our selection of children’s musical instruments. They will be able to develop a musical ear with an electric piano or our motor cars with built in MP3s. They can even have their own little piano like a big one you have at home. Accompanied by a microphone, so they can practice singing for your happiness.

For even bigger ones, Aosom offers table football, poker & multi-game tables. Multi-game tables are perfect to never get bored. All in the same sitting your child can move from one game to another easily reassuring you that they will never get bored. When they even invite friends over, their activities are all found and will keep them occupied for hours. These activities are a bit physical and are preferable to being stunned in front of television and video games for hours.

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