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Birds are one of the most unique and special animals for urban living. Seen as there is multiple sizes, colours and breeds of birds it makes sense that Aosom would have a variety just as big if not bigger to ensure that you are everything you need for your unique pet!

The choice of a bird cage must not be made at random it must make the bird feel as though they have found a real home, providing a feeling of security. After choosing the bird you want to adopt, we must now worry about finding it a cage corresponding to its specific needs. The cage is a real place of life in which the bird rests, plays, feeds, bathes… it is by no means a prison. The bird cage must be chosen carefully because it is the main equipment in keeping your bird happy and healthy. It must be practical and cater to the needs of your bird. For bird species that fly horizontally, it is recommended to buy a cage longer than wide. However, for others, it is better to opt for a high cage as it is for example the case for parrots.

Your bird will enjoy hanging on the walls of its cage and passing its beak to bite the bars. The distance between the bars must be measured to the nearest centimetre. The space between the bars is also important, if it is not the right size the bird will be able to pass the head and get hurt or try to escape.

A steel or aluminum cage has the advantage of not rusting and being particularly strong and easy to clean. If you have a parrot, steel is all the more preferable for the simple and good reason that these birds tend to break the bars with their beak!

Not only must you think of the size of the cage you must also take into consideration the size of the door. Being able to insert your hand through the door is crucial to the life of your bird. To protect birds from diseases and parasites, the cage must be cleaned regularly. This is why the cage must be easy to disassemble and have a removable bottom, preferably separated from the rest of the cage by a grid so that the bird’s legs are not in contact with their droppings. The bottom of the cage is lined with absorbent litter such as sand or clay. The size of the door must be large enough to allow you to insert your hand without difficulty and without injuring your bird. The locking system must be ultra-complex to prevent the bird from opening the door with its beak. Some birds are gifted with an unusual intelligence, such as parrots. Bird cages with handles are preferred, making them easier to move from one room to another.

If your pet is a bird, you will need us. You can buy all kinds of bird furniture and other bird supplies in our shop.

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