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Picnic Tables & Camping Chairs

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No matter where you live, one of the most exciting things we heard when we were young is going to have a picnic! Especially for those people who are living in a noisy city for years. Imagine in a summer evening, a breeze blew, you and your family and friends are laying on the grass, with your favorite snacks and drinks, you are lying down and watching the blue sky, watching the clouds change, just let time pass by. Is this picture beautiful? In the matter of fact, have a picnic isn’t just like a wonderful drawing, it is also going to bring you many benefits you in both physic and emotional ways.


>> Giving yourself a break with having a picnic

>> Spending with your families and friends with having a picnic

>> What to bring to a picnic

Having a picnic is an awesome way to give yourself a break!

Time outside benefits our physical health. Breathing in fresh air is beneficial for adults to have spine problems and children with respiratory problems like asthma. A picnic on a sunny day also aids in vitamin D and calcium absorption, which helps to build strong bones and teeth and helps prevent diseases like osteoporosis and rickets. Moreover, the fresh air does wonders for your mental health. Spending time outside is shown to reduce levels of anxiety and lower levels of activity in the parts of our brains related to mental illness. Time in the sunshine is also related to improved mood and reduced stress levels for the whole family.

Having a picnic is a great way to spend with your families and friends!

It is 21 centuries, the pace of our lives is very fast, with so much happening in people’s lives, there are only a few opportunities where family members can be together and direct on enjoying each other’s company. A picnic presents a perfect opportunity. Staying involved with your family and friends can help develop stronger bonds and foster warmth, protection, and love, as well as emotions of belonging. Especially for families with young children, parents can use this opportunity to better interact with their babies, and it is also a great opportunity to develop your baby's social skills. During the picnic, your babies can exchange their food with other children. Processes like this can exercise your baby’s social skills well!

You can also arrange a trip with several friends, relatives and families to enhance your baby’s relationship with them. In addition, it is great to introduce mother nature to your babies! Your babies can get in touch with nature, learning beauty and magic of nature under your protection. Bring your babies with you for a picnic is an awesome way to broaden your baby's horizons, and leave happy memories for your baby's childhood!

What to bring to a picnic?

So, as we learned so much about why we should have picnic. Now let’s think what should we bring with us?

Food and drinks of course! Be as simple and diverse as possible. In order to avoid the cumbersome heating, we suggested you cold meals. For example, sandwiches, sushi, salads, ham, smoked fish, eggs, dried tofu in marinade, homemade kimchi, etc., are all portable and delicious picnic foods. Of course, if the theme is barbecue, meat and fish are the main ones. The picnic bag’s 6-8 hours of insulated food storage keeps the food fresh. Bring a bottle of pure wine, spread a picnic rug, and invite friends to have a drink. There will be unexpected good results.

With food and drinks ready, all we need is the equipment to allow enjoy our picnic! Allow me to introduce your picnic tables. With many different styles, colours, and sizes, our picnic tables are made with light while durable materials such as aluminum and wood. With smart designs, you can easily fold them and put them in your vehicle, and based on the different features of our picnic tables, they will fulfill all our needs on the different types of picnic you have, even for BBQ and hotpot! With different sizes of picnic tables available on, you will be really to go for any size of picnic or outdoor parties!

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