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Sofas & Reclining Chairs

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Sofas & Reclining Chairs

Sofas & Reclining Chairs

You understand why sofas and recliners are so vital at home. Whether you want to fill or decorate a space or have comfortable pieces of furniture to sit on and relax, sofas and recliners are an excellent option. It’s the sofas and recliners where one spends a lot of time lounging, relaxing, socializing, and watching your favourite shows or movies with our best companions or not. Our selection of sofas and recliners has various styles, sizes, colours, designs, fabrics, and prices. We’re confident you will find the one which fits your home aesthetic and budget. They stand out and will define your home space with their style.

More importantly, our HOMCOM sofas and recliners are made of high-quality materials, which gives them long-lasting durability and a solid foundation. The back, seat and armrests are covered with softly padded upholstery. Please choose from our many great selections of HOMCOM sofas and recliners for your elegant and chic designs. Let your style and functionality flourish by guiding the inner designer.

Types of HOMCOM Sofas and Recliners

Let us tell you more about the many types of sofas and recliners available for you to choose from.


Our HOMCOM recliners are our most comfortable sofas. Its functions adjust to your needs and want. This lounger can adapt to multiple positions for reading, watching TV, or napping. It’s also a space saver as this one product addresses various needs. For an ultimate relaxation experience, use its built-in footrest to stretch your legs and enjoy a more comfortable posture. Its power lift design is practical and effortless, which can be customized to permanent positions with its remote control. Also, it has a convenient pocket located on the side for storage. Its modern design and multiple functions make it one of the best attractions in your living room.


Our HOMCOM loveseats are excellent for coziness. It comfortably seats two people. Its size makes it convenient for small spaces such as studios or apartments or larger spacious areas such as living rooms or master bedrooms. Simultaneously, it’s pairable and complemental with other sofa designs. Our designs vary from traditional to modern. However, it’s always made of durable material, which enables the sofa to provide the best lounging experience for a long time. Our loveseats can be constructed from two different fabrics: linen and PU leather. It all depends on the look, style, and usability you want to give to the space you use. The PU leather is delicate and stylish but easy to clean due to its smooth texture. The linen offers durability due to its thickness while giving a great look to your living room.


Our HOMCOM armchair gives a modern and casual look anywhere it’s placed. Its size is excellent and adaptable, fitting almost anywhere without compromising significant space. It adds more sitting space with an extra-plush seat cushion for more comfort. It comes in various colours, fabrics, and styles to complement any room. These armchairs are perfect for sitting on and having a conversation, coffee, reading one of your favourite books, or watching your favourite TV show.

Accent Chairs

Our HOMCOM accent chairs have the perfect combination of style and comfort. They are essential pieces of furniture for extra sitting or decorative purposes. Our HOMCOM accent chairs are the ones that will determine our living room style. Also, it will complement the design and aesthetics of the sofa chosen. Our accent chairs come in various colours and fabrics, such as linen and polyester. It gives the accent chair a soft, comforting feeling and a beautiful look. Furthermore, our accent chairs’ main attraction is their unique designs, enabling them to stand out among the living room aesthetics and style. Some accent chair designs have a lotus-shaped backrest, flower-designed patterns on fabric or high back chairs.

Our AOSOM Advice

Nothing is more important than having your sofa and recliners fit your home’s design and style. Consider the functions your sofa and recliner will play at home and the amount of time you plan to spend on it. You may better prepare for comfort, cozy, upright, or firm in an elegant, modern, or classic setting. Also, it is essential to consider the space available for this occupation without altering your home space flow. A space balance is crucial, and we should consider it before selecting one. Then, we may think about the upholstery. Which will give any room it’s placed in a finished appearance. In addition, it contributes to its final touch, comfort, and function. Consider their users, including pets, if any, affecting its durability, maintenance, and likes.

Choose comfort, style, and functionality with our HOMCOM sofas and recliners. Explore more about our sofas and recliners at Aosom.ca. All our others are eligible for free shipping to all of Canada.

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