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Sports & Recreation

Sports & Recreation

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Purchase Sports and Recreation Items from Aosom

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Exercise plays a significantly important role in our lives. Imagine that you just had a long day at work, all you need now is some fresh air and to reboot your body. Exercising is definitely going to help you with that! At Aosom Canada, we provide you with high quality while cost-efficient products such as Exercise Equipment, Bike & Scooters and Team Sports Equipment. We will ensure you that no matter what kind of exercise you are interested in, indoor or outdoor, personal or team sports, we are always here to support you! For families with kids, you will always be able to find items from us that are going to provide you with family fun! For those who love road trips and mother nature, check out Camping Supplies, you will find all necessary equipment you need to enjoy your time while you escape from the city.


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>> Outdoor Recreations

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>> Team Sports Equipment

Exercise Equipment from Aosom

One way to get yourself enough daily exercise is to build yourself a home gym! With Aosom’s exercise equipment, you can workout whenever and wherever you want while saving your gym membership money! With our at home equipment such as balance stepper and treadmill, you can easily increase the amount of hemoglobin in your body, improve your body's resistance, anti-aging, enhance the work efficiency of the cerebral cortex and cardiopulmonary function. After the aerobic exercise, you can build your muscle by using our dumbbell set, pull-up bars or multi-functional dumbbell bench from our Strength Training equipment collection. For those bodybuilders who love doing squats; you can find a solid build Weight Bench from us as well! For those who want to push themselves really hard, you can use one of our aerobics exercises like a exercise  riding bike. Doing yoga is another way to manage your stress from your job; for our yoga lovers, check out yoga mats that come in various sizes and colours from our Gymnastics section.

Bike & Scooters from Aosom

Riding a bike can be a challenge in the Winter. With’s Bike Stand, you can put your very own beloved bike right on it and have a ride anytime and anywhere you want in your house! For those who want to carry more while enjoying a ride outdoors, please check our Bike Trailers. With our bike trailers, you will be able to carry more items for your trip, but also for families with babies and pets, you will able to bring them with you to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. Riding a scooter makes it easier to spend some more time outside and exercise. While staying active scooters will help you master steering and staying balanced. The scooters are made for both adults and children and come in a large number of colours and style.

Outdoor Recreations from Aosom

Feeling anxious about working every day? Missing the beautiful scenery around you for busy work? Pick up some great outdoor recreation items to visit mother nature! While you should take a look at our Outdoor Recreations section. You will find that we have a wild selection of beach tents and floating mast to fufill your needs in every season and all weather. Go outside and breathe fresh air to relax yourself! Pick up some items at aosom to make your life more colorful! We have all the supplies for an unforgettable sunny beach experience with your family or surf alone in the sea, you will always find the best outdoor recreations items from us.

Camping Supplies from Aosom

Canada has always been known for its beautiful mountains and rivers, so the environment and culture here are one of the reasons why many visit or live in Canada. In such a beautiful environment people who love being close to nature will certainly not let go of the opportunity to go camping! When you look at Camping Supplies at You will find that we have a wild selection of Camping Tents and Camping Cots to fulfill your needs no matter the season or weather. Could be a Summer night in the mountain with your family or to challenge yourself by ice fishing during winter, you will always find the perfect tent you need from us. In addition to our camping tents and cots we have all your extra needs such as; Picnic Tables, chairs and a Cooler Box so you and your crew can enjoy your favourite drinks and food while you are exploring mother nature. After all, what can be more fun when you can have a cold drink and finger-licking food in your hands while everybody is gathered around the campfire?

Team Sports Equipment from Aosom

One of the most important lessons kids can learn is how to work with others as a part of a team. This will continue to benefit them their entire lives. Let your children learn how to work with other kids at an early stage is important not only in childhood, but it also plays an important role in helping them succeed as adults. Team sports such as Baseball, Basketball, Football, and Badminton are good ways to show them how to be a team player. At checkout out our Team Sports Equipment selection and find the equipment you need for all your family fun!

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