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Life isn’t easy, but our appliances can help with it. As we know, housework never ends from when we wake up to when we go to bed. There’s always something to do, such as cooking, laundry, cleaning, and home improvements which can become time-consuming. The main objective of appliances is to make our busy lives easy and help free us up with time we can use to do things we want, like spending time with family and friends without neglecting household chores. Technological appliances enable us to multitask and do more with our available time. Therefore, investing in great appliances is beneficial in our daily lives. At AOSOM, we have various appliances for you to choose from, including fans, small kitchen appliances, dryer machines, and car coolers. You’ll find the right one for your home.

Type of HOMCOM Appliances

AOSOM understands your needs which is why we offer a great variety of appliances, including fans, small kitchen appliances, dryer machines, and car coolers.


Do you feel your room temperature is a bit hot? Allow the air to circulate for a more comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere. Our HOMCOM fans have two settings, including ventilation and AC, for cooling a large area. Therefore, you have to select the setting which suits your needs better. This fan has the latest cooling technology making the air colder and fresher, especially on hot days during spring and summer. In addition, it offers 12 settings and a 12-hour timer. The evaporative cooler switches between low, medium, and high speed and normal, natural, sleep, and child mode, easy to set to something comfortable. Its 12-hour timer works in 1-hour intervals, making it great for smooth sleep at night. Furthermore, it has a LED sensor panel to turn it on/off, change speed, select modes, modify swing, choose a timer, and alter ice cooling. Make all these changes right at the control panel or with its remote control for more convenience.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Are you looking for small essential kitchen appliances? We have an assorted variety you would love to have in your kitchen. Our HOMCOM small kitchen appliances include a compact freezer, electric humidifier, air fryer, espresso machine, bread maker, food dehydrator machine, 7-in-1 toaster oven, immersion hand blender, and portable ice maker. We have everything for you to prepare a delicious meal or enjoy a cup of fresh coffee and homemade bread. Don’t worry about not having enough time to enjoy yourself with family and friends. Our HOMCOM small kitchen appliances will do most of the work.

Dryer Machines

Are you looking for a dryer machine that can fit into a limited space? We have got you covered. Our HOMCOM dryer machines have up to 7 modes you can choose from, including extra, smart, mix, airing, three times at 30, 90, or 150 minutes for different clothing materials and weights. It offers a large capacity holding up to 13-pounds of wet clothes in its powerful turbine drum. It can simultaneously dry 15 T-shirts, one bedroom set, and 35 small towels. Also, our HOMCOM dryer machine has a disinfection mode aside from its drying functions. The installation is pretty straightforward. You can mount it on the wall, place it on the ground, or stack it on top of a washer, making it ideal for small spaces in a small laundry room, apartment, or dorm room. Its lightweight design and side carry handles make it portable. In addition, the dryer machine has a steel frame which prevents it from wearing and twisting, and the drum has rust-resistant stainless steel. The two-layer filter prevents lint accumulation, resulting in faster drying.

Car Coolers

Are you looking for a way to preserve your drinks and keep food cold when travelling on a long hot day? Our Outsunny electric coolers won’t disappoint you. It offers a large capacity and temperature control on the right zone but not on the left, allowing you to store various foods and beverages at the right temperature and avoid them from getting spoiled. Its LCD panel allows you to adjust its temperature range from the max mode for fast cooling to the ECO mode for energy saving. Also, it has smart battery protection to plug it into a wall socket or insert it into the carport. Our Outsunny electric coolers are portable and easy to transport due to their ABS foldable handles on both sides. It fully meets the needs of RV1 / truck drivers, boat owners and campers to store seafood, snacks, meat, and beverages.

Simplify your life with our assorted variety of HOMCOM small kitchen appliances. Explore our appliance selection at Aosom.ca to take advantage of our best deals. Share your AOSOM experiences with us through Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter by adding the #AOSOMCA to your captions or tagging us as @aosom_ca.

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