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the barbecue season has begun!

The daytime is getting longer, the weather is getting better. The urge to have a good barbecue is growing! Whether you want to grill in your backyard or go outside for a picnic with family and friends, we have what you need!

organize outdoor barbecue

CHARCOAL BARBECUE This is the most classic, and perhaps the most popular, model for grilling. When cooking, the embers give food a pleasant smoky flavour that adds a unique touch to every grilled dish. Available in different sizes, came with a fixed frame to keep them in your backyard or with a folding frame to take them with you on every outing.. Shop Now >
BBQ Essentials Special
Who doesn't like an organized setup for an outdoor barbecue? By choosing the right camping equipment, you can organize your cooking area by equipping yourself with a folding kitchen table with shelves and pockets that allow you to keep all the necessary ingredients close at hand. For an easy setup dining, you'll need several sets of tables with folding chairs and stools that can be easily transported Shop Now >
After every barbecue, be sure to clean all components thoroughly to ensure your grill has a long barbecue life.

to organise a barbecue in the backyard

Have you decided to gather friends and family at your house for a barbecue in the garden or on the terrace? As well as having a delicious barbecue to satisfy the appetites of all your guests, you will also need to accommodate them in the best possible way and make the meal comfortable.
A large table and the right number of chairs will allow everyone to eat comfortably, as well as decorate your outdoor area in style. With outdoor furniture such as a patio umbrella and canopy tent, you can keep everyone out of the sun at all hours of the day.

and for a nap after lunch...

BBQ Essentials Special
After a good meal of grilled meat, fish or vegetables, digestion can make you a little sleepy. You can treat yourself to a nap by hitching a hammock to a frame in your backyard or in the trees during outdoor picnics. Alternatively, you can relax on a deckchair: there are plenty of different models for every need, with a fixed frame to place permanently in your outdoor space, or foldable to take the deckchair with you on every outing. Shop Now >