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A Quick Hammock Chair Buying Guide

Whether you’re lounging at home or relaxing on the beach, a hammock chair is a versatile and comfortable way to unwind. Hammock chair designs are trendy, stylish, and becoming a staple in interior design planners. With various options on the market, deciding on which hammock chair to purchase can be overwhelming. However, with the essential background knowledge included in this article, you will feel confident selecting a hammock chair that meets your specific needs.

Key Features to Consider

  • Material
  • Durability
  • Dimensions
  • Is a hammock chair for you?
  • Which hammock chair is best for you?

What is a hammock chair?

Unlike conventional chairs that remain rigid or provide little movement, a hammock chair adjusts to the shape of your body providing ultimate comfort. A hammock chair is space-efficient and consists of a central suspension point that holds up a fabric canvas. The hammock chair is a modification of the traditional hammock bed, that allows users to float above the ground while sitting. Hammock chairs are versatile because of their indoor and outdoor uses; indoors, a hammock chair is easy to store and fits in small spaces. Deciding whether you will use your hammock chair indoors, outdoors, or in both spaces then it is important to consider what materials your hammock chair is made from. 

Materials to Choose From

When it comes to materials, purchasers must consider whether they want a soft or hard made hammock chair. Fabric canvases with no cushions compose soft material hammock chairs, whereas cushions create hard material hammock chairs which resemble traditional chairs. Hammock chairs are often made from cotton, or a mix of cotton and polyester:


Cotton hammock chairs are lightweight and soft to the touch, which makes them a comfortable option. Fabric hammock chairs made of cotton are not a hard material, which allows the hammock chair’s design to conform to fit the shape of your body. Cotton hammock chairs are the most economical, but oftentimes they are not water-resistant. 


A blend of cotton and polyester, hammock chairs last much longer because they are durable. The cotton fabric provides a soft and comfortable feel, and the polyester adds strength and water-resistant elements to the hammock chair. These hammock chairs are more pricey but consider this cotton and polyester blend from AOSOM.

How durable is your hammock chair? Will it last?

When shopping for a hammock chair, it is important to read the weight limitations of the product so your hammock chair can last for a long time. Some hammock chair designs are larger than others to ensure people of all sizes can sit comfortably. Be sure to read the weight capacity so that your hammock chair does not tear or break from excess weight. Purchasing a hammock chair that is too small for your body type can result in serious harm if it breaks. 

Depending on the style of hammock chair you purchase, some come equipped with a hardwood beam which provides additional stability, or they rely on durable ropes to hoist the canvas. However, these wooden beams can snap and crack if not cared for after using the hammock chair. No matter which style of hammock chair you purchase, a high-quality and well cared-for hammock chair will last a long time.


Some tips for caring for your hammock chair include but are not limited to:

  • If your hammock chair is outdoors, make sure you store it in a dry indoor space if you anticipate not using it for long periods of time.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to wash your hammock chair fabric properly.
  • Store your hammock bed in a dry and spacious place.
  • Hammock chairs without a spreader bar can be hand washed
  • Avoid having your pets play in the hammock chair


Hammock chairs come in various sizes, which means some hammock chairs hold more than one person. The typical width of a regular hammock chairs can range from 44 inches wide and 58 inches high. However, there are smaller chairs which can range from 33 inches wide to 53 inches high.

Is a hammock chair for you?

Hammock chairs are versatile for indoor and outdoor use, so if you’re someone that loves to relax and lounge then a hammock chair is a great tool to help you unwind. Depending on where you want to lounge the most (whether inside or outside) affects the type of hammock chair you will buy. Unlike traditional hammock beds, hammock chairs do not require a lot of space and they’re easier to install. If you’re a parent, hammock chairs are a great way for your kids to relax and calm down as the swaying motion of the hammock soothes them. The gentle rocking motion hammock chairs provide can lull you or your kids to sleep.

Which hammock bed is best for you?

Now that you know about hammock chairs, and perhaps want one, let’s look at a couple options:


Lightweight and portability is of the utmost importance when considering a portable hammock chair for the outdoors, and indoors, so consider:

Outsunny Hammock Chair Leisure Swing Hanging Woven Nylon Camping Porch Air Tree 

Easy to carry and store, ideal for hiking, camping, climbing, boating, traveling, picnicking, “back-yarding”, indoor lounging, or garden and yard use, weight capacity 330lbs, and overall dimensions: 39.4″W x 51.2″L.

Cushion style

With padded cotton, this hammock chair will have you feeling like you’re floating on a cloud. Amazing for indoor lounging, back-yarding, or poolside relaxation. Consider:

Outsunny Hanging Swing Chair Striped Air Hammock Outdoor Camping Garden Portable

Safe and strong with a sturdy wooden bar, includes stylish colourful patterns, and Seat Size: 22.5″W x 18.75″D, Backrest Height: 18.75″H, Weight Capacity: 231lbs

Macrame Cotton 

A junior sized hammock chair ideal for kids that want to relax while reading a book, doing homework, playing on their iPad, or doing any other independent activity. This hammock chair incorporates a hanging design, which makes this the perfect chair for indoor or outdoor seating. This design has a double cushion structure for maximum comfortability. Consider:

Outsunny Hammock Chair Swing Hanging Macrame Chair Cotton w/ Two Soft Seat Cushions, for Bedroom Indoor Outdoor Ideal Gift for Kids Lover Birthday Present White

Overall dimensions: 39.25”W x 39.25”maximum load weight 330lb

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