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Invest in a comfortable and durable sleeping bag to keep you warm on chilly nights.

Your sleeping bag will be your best friend on brisk nights spent in the great outdoors. You want one that is warm enough to keep you toasty, but one that also doesn’t take up too much space. Likewise, you want a sleeping bag that is durable, so it won’t get easily ruined the first few times you use it.

We have a great selection of sleeping bags so you can find one in the right size and design. A two-person sleeping bag is great if you don’t mind sharing your bed with someone, or if you prefer extra space.  We carry this option in a variety of colour combinations, including red/ grey and blue/ black.

If you don’t want to sleep on the ground, consider investing in a foldable camping cot or even an air mattress. This will elevate you so you’re not sleeping directly on the harsh ground. Both options are easy to assemble and transport, so you’ll have no trouble packing them alongside your other gear. Check out our selection of camping cots and blow-up mattresses to find the perfect option.

Make sure the tent you choose is both dependable and large enough to fit everyone.

Your tent is what will keep you protected from poor weather conditions and harsh winds. So you need one that is reliable and sturdy- otherwise, you could get into deep trouble.

We have tents that can sleep between 5-8 people, meaning everyone can join in on the camping adventure. We also have a pop-up cot and mattress that functions similarly to a tent. The elevated design ensures you’re not sleeping on the ground, while the zippered entrance and padded mattress allows you to sleep in comfort and privacy.

Don’t forget to account for any other necessities you might need while in the wild.

There are tons of other things you may want to bring camping, aside from a sleeping bag and tent. And we’ve got you covered! A solar powered backpack with built-in charger is the perfect way to transport all your gear while simultaneously charging your phone or camera.

Consider investing in a portable table and foldable chairs so you can have an outdoor dining room in minutes, which is perfect for barbecues and roasting marshmallows. We offer portable tables and chairs in a variety of sizes and styles, so you can easily find the perfect one for your camping adventure.

You have no excuse not to explore the great outdoors thanks to the amazing variety of camping and hiking gear we offer at Now you’re equipped to have the perfect camping adventure in comfort and style.


Camping is a great activity whether you’ll be travelling with children or friends. It’s the type of activity that people of all ages can equally enjoy, and it also gives you a reason to spend time outside and away from electronics. Let  help you prepare for the perfect camping trip with our range of dependable and efficient camping gear.