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Outdoor storage: for equipment and tools

Garden sheds are structures that making us our backyard storage much easier, they are perfect for storing items such as gardening tools, sporting items, and kids' toys. Our Outsunny garden sheds come in a very wide range of sizes. We recommend that you double-check the amount of storage space you need before you shop for our garden sheds so you can find the most suitable garden sheds for you.

View more outdoor storage ideas >

Entryway storage:
for coats and shoes

Aosom Homcom coat racks can make our daily routine such as grabbing and hanging our clothes during our busy lives much more convenient. A nice standing coat rack can be sued conveniently to hang up all your important personal items and keep them close at hand for when you go out. And a shoe storage bench is also a convenient place to store our shoes. Our Homcom shoe storage is handy for every entryway, you can sit and put on or take off your shoes, and store them on our convient, compact bench. In addition, If you have a larger collection of shoes, try these shoe racks.

Living room storage:
for electrical appliances and display items

The living room is the centre area of our home life. Many of us put electrics such as TV, subwoofer, and gaming consoles in our living room, and this is why you need our Homcom cabinets to hold these stuff, and ideally to help you straighten out the clutter of wires. View more TV stands >
Our Homcom coffee table is a stylish and practical option for you to store small items like TV remote and gaming controllers. Homecom coffee tables are also come with diffrent styles, such as lift-up coffee tables with plenty of storage space inside that can be hidden away, perfect for holding the essentials in your living room. View more Coffee tables >
Bookcases and shelves are not only make storage easier in our life, but also a great place to showcase your teaste and personality. Whether it's your favourite artwork, books, plants or photos, you will find shelves at Homcom to suit almost any decor theme. Homcom shelves are the perfect places to display all your treasures and knick-knacks with your family and friends with elegance and style.

Home-office storage:
for study and work essentials

An important factor in efficient telecommunicting is storage. Don't be overwhelmed by clutter. An orgnized workspace is essential to productivity. File cabinets on shelves, files in drawers .... Everything in its place. View more Office cabinets >

Kitchen & Dining room storage:
for for utensils and food

Kitchen islands > Kitching island serves an important role in our daily life, it is a nice place to having dinner with our family and friends and also it is an awesome place that can be used to decarate your kitchen. At aosom.ca, we providew rolling kitchen carts and trolleys, they are easy to move to around in your kitchen and they are a great optioin for you when your kitchen needs a little extra storage space.
Pantry cabinets > Homcom kitchen pantry conveniently provides affordable storage options and adds more usable storage capacity to any kitchen or dining area. In addition to the traditional design, our open counter space microwave pantry provides more space for your kitchen utensils.
Bar cabinets > Sideboards are also very common in kitchen dining room storage furniture. The sideboard has an enclosed cabinet and open shelf space for additional storage for cutlery, dry goods, crockery, or other kitchen accessories.
Wine racks > If you are a wine lover, our Homcom wine rack will add some style and elegance to your kitchen. We offer iron or wooden wine racks, depending on your interior style. We also have earth-style mobile carts that can be used to carry and serve wine and other spirits at your party.

Bathroom storage:
for toiletries and cleaning

The bathroom is the trickiest place to add more storage spaces due to its size. Our Homcom wall-mounted organizer is here to provide you with an awesome solution. Despite its compact design, it has plenty of space for bathroom essentials such as daily skincare products and toothbrushes, and it is flanked by mirrors to help you get ready in the morning quickly. If you feel you need more than that, you can try our area-saving bathroom cabinet. These affordable storage units are narrow enough to fit between most bathrooms.

Bedroom storage:
for clothes, shoes and make-up

A dressing table is a finishing touch to your bedroom, where you can apply your daily make-up or skin care. With plenty of storage space, Homcom dressing table can hold all your most important essentials such as cosmetics, medicines, accessories, and more. Plus, they can be versatile for your work, reading, and other needs in the bedroom. View more Dressing tables >
Probably the most important organizing space in the bedroom apart besides the closet bedside table bedside table, and it keeps everything you need handy and available! Having two bedside tables creates a sense of balance, but you can omit one if you are short of space. Don't forget to determine the height of the bedside table according to the height of the bed. View more Bedside tables >
Use a Homcom jewellery cabinet to keep your jewellery organised. Drawers and slots keep everything sorganised so your necklaces, earrings and rings won't get tangled up in each other. Some of our jewellery cabinets also have a handy mirror which is mounted on the wall to save space. View more Jewelry cabinets >

Kid's room storage:
for toiletries and cleaning

Teach your child to be proactive in organizing their space. Our Homcom storage units allow for better organization and storage of your child's belongings and clothes.
Aosom.ca has many types of storage furniture, including storage drawers, wardrobes, and storage benches. You can choose storage furniture with the corresponding functions according to your needs.