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Massage chair tips More ways to put your comfort Warm home essentials

Build a relaxing and secluded paradise at home

Let yourself escape to a blissful and relaxing massage therapy session without driving, waiting or paying for every appointment. And you just need a massage chair! But how to choose a favorite massage chair? Scroll down and check tips 👇
What is the right size for a massage chair?
What is the right size for a massage chair? Choosing a right spot is the first step! Since a massage chair is rather big, it still needs to fit into your home. This Homcom massage recliner sofa with linen type cloth can serve as a normal single sofa in our daily life, so you don't need to spare an extra space for massage chair! It contains massage function, just extend the footrest and start the remote, then just enjoy the vibration and heating. Also the chair supports reclining up to 150°, more comfortable to read a book or watch dramas on the chair!
What material do you prefer?
What material do you prefer? Easy-cleaning massage chairs gain favor among consumers always. One of them is PU massage chair, with a wet rag, you can clean the dirt of chair effortlessly. Also benefited from its low density, it breathes very well, even in warm weathers, you won't feel stuffy in using. Also, it owns weather resistance and abrasion resistance, extending the lifespan of the chair a lot.
Who use massage chair more often in your family ?
Who use massage chair more often in your family ? When browsing through massage functions, you might be spoilt for choices usually, swiveling, vibration, lifting and heating, what should I choose? That is why you need to know who will use it, if elders used it in most of time, then a lifting massage chair is suitable! With the help of motor, the chair will lift up, the elder can stand up easily. And it has 8 massage modes with timing that let you indulge in relaxation, but won't be worry about safety.
What is your style?
What is your style? Your massage chair must be suitable for your home style. Coffee-color recliner massage chair suits to vintage home, and black chair is popular in modern home design. Also this type chair contains footrest, let your whole physique have a entire massage experience. Also it can rotate in 360°, fit into each room, such as you can rotate the chair and find the perfect light to read in bedroom, or when play games in living room, you don't have to stand up than rotate to get snacks or drinks on the table.

New Ways to find comfort

Another ways to the comfort, don't you want to get more inspired?!
Office Massage Chairs In the busy office hours, will you feel your back pained due to long-time sitting? An executive massage chair with 7 vibrating motors, easing your pain and relaxing your back and upper legs even in working hours easily.
2-Seater Sofas A 2-seater sofa offers a compact seating solution that effortlessly accommodates two individuals while providing utmost comfort. This versatile piece of furniture is particularly well-suited for smaller living rooms, apartments, or cozy corners within larger spaces.
Lounge It provides a comfortable and luxurious seating option where you can relax and unwind. Also, the lounge typically has a contoured shape with a long cushioned surface, allowing you to stretch out and find your most comfortable position. Whether you want to curl up with a book or take a quick nap, a chaise lounge offers the perfect place to do so.
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