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Outsunny - Without the hefty price tag that we are all so used to seeing across the market, our specialized garden furniture brand is all about providing our customers the best possible for their outdoor space. We started with a few pieces here and there, and now we've expanded our range to almost everything you need to keep your outdoor space cozy and bloom in stylish. Think rattan sets, sheds, marquees, heaters, and beyond for your own specially curated style.


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The reason why this style has become so popular over the years? It’s durable, stylish, and easy to assemble- a striking centerpiece for your personal oasis. Shop Now >

Small Patio Furniture and Accessories

Hammocks provide support and comfort and are perfect for relaxation.The rocking motion soothes away even bad days. Swings are another common seeing outdoor furniture in people’s backyards. Having a beautiful swing makes your backyard looks nicer. Shop Patio Swings & Hammocks >
An awning of the best quality material is the ideal option. But most of them are not aesthetically pleasing. When you're looking for flexibility, patio umbrellas are even better. They can be changed easily too, and there are various options. Shop Patio Umbrellas > Shop Patio Awnings >
The sun lounger is simple in style as it is mainly used for enjoying the warmth of the sun outdoors. Some folding loungers take up even less storage space. The rocking chair will help you to relax, reduce back pain and reduce the stress of everyday life. Shop Sun Loungers > Shop Rocking Chairs >