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Because of the epidemic, many people have moved their fitness venues from the gym to their homes, do you also have the idea of home fitness? If so, follow Aosom to build your own fitness area in your home!

Find the right place

The location of your home fitness area depends on your fitness needs. If you want a more systematic and professional fitness experience, and want to invest more time in fitness. It is recommended that you build your home fitness area in your garage or basement or in an empty room. If you just want to do some daily exercise occasionally, you can choose to be in the living room or a relatively large empty corner of the house. Because exercise is the need for a larger space for you to be able to spread your arms and legs, but also need to maintain air circulation, exercise equipment also occupies more space, so try to choose a larger can ventilate the environment.

Lay rubber flooring or mats

If you do not want your new wooden floor is smashed potholes, do not want to exercise along with the noise of da-da-da. Remember to lay rubber flooring or sports mats in your home fitness area , in addition to reducing noise and damage to the floor, more importantly, such softer flooring will also protect your knees when you exercise, as well as play a non-slip role.
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Select the sports equipment you want

The next step is to choose the exercise equipment you want according to your fitness needs,which is the most important step in building your home fitness area. In Aosom you can find a wide variety of fitness equipment, whether you want to strength training, fat loss or just for daily exercise, you can find the right exercise equipment here. One thing to note is that in the selection of these equipment, it is recommended that you choose the all-in-one and those easy to store fitness equipment, these fitness equipment has a high cost performance can also make your limited home fitness area to play a greater role.

Use clock and mirror to keep track of your workout

Time is important for exercise. Remember to hang a clock in your home gym area where your eyes can see it when you exercise. For the choice of clocks I recommend you choose electronic clocks, so you can clearly see the time to the second, but also because of the reflection or darkness and can not see the hands clearly, for such as HIIT need to time the exercise, the clock is a must.

In addition to clocks, mirrors are also very necessary for home gyms. You can not only look through the mirror to see if your exercise posture is correct and further correction, but also look at yourself in the mirror to observe the changes in your body after exercise, to monitor the effectiveness of your exercise.
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Adding TV and audio or just bring your phone

For those who want to follow fitness videos, you need to have a TV in your home fitness area , put it where you can see it when you exercise and follow the professional fitness videos to exercise. In addition, if you have a switch, with a TV you can also connect the switch to exercise.

If you have your own arrangements for exercise, you can also choose to put an audio in the home fitness area, you know, exercise needs to be enthusiastic and exciting music. Or you can choose a more convenient method, just bring your phone, you can download the fitness app on your phone, you can also use it to play music.

Storage of small sports equipment
and other Items

It is easy to overlook that in addition to large exercise equipment, there are other small pieces of fitness equipment need to be properly stored to ensure that the home gym is neat and orderly. A multifunctional storage cabinet allows you to neatly sort and store your dumbbells for strength training, your boxing gloves, stretching guns, disinfectant wipes for daily disinfection of fitness equipment, etc.

In addition, you can also prepare a portable trolley, you can put put water on it to timely hydration, your wipe sweat towel, hair ties and other small things often used in the fitness area, the trolley on wheels can follow you anywhere.
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Because of the epidemic, many people have moved their fitness venues from the gym to their homes, do you also have the idea of home fitness? If so, follow Aosom to build your own fitness area in your home!