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Inspired Minimalist Furniture Design

A cluttered home leads to a cluttered life “Back to purity; back to simplicity,” urged Dieter Rams, one of the greats of minimalist design. It is a life choice of enlightened simplicity, banishing from your life what is not necessary and focusing on what is lasting and matters. But what to do after you chuck all that out -of-date, heavy, ornamented furniture stacked with stuff you neither need,  use or delight in any longer.

Go minimalist and find your favorite home furniture. These are its core values and design principles:

  • Understated elegance
  • Use achromatic colors that emphasize form and function
  • Purity and simplicity of shape and form.
  • Quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Highlight space, not content

Understated Elegance

It is the basic principle of minimalism to rid yourself of all the excess in your life, and that means both physical and mental clutter, leaving behind only what has design excellence, practical usefulness and lasting value. But then again, many of us have got used to a home office with its impossible to escape untidiness. You may just need to keep with style and grace the office clutter in its own place, out of sight and out of mind.  Of course, you may wanto create a private meditation corner or just have it as a stylish divider virtually anywhere in your home.

HOMCOM 4-Panel Poplar Wood Room Divider, 6 Ft Tall Folding Privacy Screen Panels is made of poplar wood and woven wicker paper, and ready to be placed anywhere, garden, terrace, indoor or out. Removable display shelves allow office supplies or gardening tools to be nicely tucked away. They may also be used in the living room to display photo frames or any other display. The panels, connected with 9 metal hinges for sturdiness and durability, are easily folded up when not in use for storage or transportation, Space, always important in minimalism, allows air to circulate, while footpads add stability.

Use achromatic colors that emphasize form and function

Minimalism eschews flamboyance and ornamentation for clarity and purposefulness through its clean lines and designer forms, while reinforcing the feeling of summer shade through a muted colour palette, often soft, warm or super-cool grey.  It is by design understated monochromatic, uncomplicated, but harmoniously blended.  At the same time, minimalist furniture is judged by both form and practical function.  This multifunctional storage cabinet can give sophistication and class in any part of your house and any use that they may be put in your hall, living room, kitchen ,  pantries, closets, garages, or in the bathroom for classy storage anywhere on its two-tier  shelf. Transparent acrylic-paneled doors make it easy for you to identify items. Made of MDF board, this kitchen storage may yet become in time an heirloom item. 

Emphasize purity and simplicity of shape and form

Clarity, purposefulness and proper scaling are the hallmarks of minimalist design. We are looking for a harmony of form and function. You will not find unnecessary design elements to mar the gracefully balanced visuals, focused on how shape supports both aesthetics and usage.  Quality material choice is aimed at sturdiness and resilience. Minimalism means not only what you eliminate, but what you will live with joyfully day- after -day. That is why each choice of furniture must be just right, regardless of where you turn in your new spaciousness, from the entrance, through all the rooms, your bathroom not excluded as it is the room that greets you in the morning and tucks you in at night.

The Kleankin Wall Mount Bathroom Mirror Cabinet with Shelves Storage Organizer Stainless Steel Double Doors has the kind of balanced, clean design characteristic of minimalist principles. Mounted on the wall, they seem to give rather than take up space. The stainless steel floating cabinet and mirror allows turns according to your need, while storing your towels, soap, tissues, bowls and such, leaving a shelf to put some green small plants or other decorative items. This bathroom mirror cabinet has a simplicity of form, durability and design excellence  that will testify to your taste for many generations, both an heirloom and a designer item.

Quality Materials and Craftsmanship

The key principles of minimalist design are simplicity and function. The discipline of minimizing seems sometimes obvious, inevitable, something that you find endlessly available and elegant without calling attention to itself at all. It is in many ways the art of getting rid of everything but form ,  aesthetic appearance, and function , what it is designed to do combined with multiple  uses as an ideal. That multipurpose quality and ability to fit anywhere in your home  is especially important where space is scarce and every item must be thoughtfully considered.

HOMCOM Multi-functional Expandable Folding Dining Table Kitchen Desk is such a wonder of sophisticated versatility designed to serve in any room in your house. Your designer desk-on-wheels fits the smallest room, yet expands to seat 4-6 people. There are attached 2 shelves to storage items, making it serve as dining table as well as home office for your computer and documents. This designer desk has functions not yet invented, which is a measure of success in leading a minimalist lifestyle.

Highlight space, not content

Minimalism accentuates uncluttered space. Indeed, strategically placing movable mirrors to create a feeling of more space is a common trick of interior designers.  Think of placing the mirror opposite any window to add to a feeling of a second window casting light into small spaces.  Set behind or beside furniture will add to its interest and complexity without taking up much needed space.

HOMCOM Free-standing Full-length Jewelry Dressing Mirror can be adjusted to catch light at 2 different angles to enable a better view from head to toe.  It has simplicity of design and purity of form. The mirror serves all manner of purposes anywhere in your home, bathroom and bedroom typically, though you will be pleasantly surprised how often your visitors will approach the mirror with relief on entering your minimalist home.

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