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A Quick Kid’s Electric Motorcycle Buying Guide

Riding a motorcycle is a fantastic experience that many adults dream of, so it’s no surprise that kids want to ride it too. Children can safely enjoy the experience of riding a children’s electric motorcycle, which can give them the speedy thrill and excitement appropriate for their age. This buying guide will help you decide on the safest and best kids’ electric motorcycle for your child.     

Key Features to Consider

  • Design
  • Battery
  • Dimensions
  • Safety
  • Which miniature electric motorcycle is best for your child?

What are kid’s electric motorcycles?

A kid’s electric motorcycle is a miniature motorcycle that uses rechargeable batteries to provide many hours of fun driving. By slowing down the speed, these mini motorcycles reproduce the feeling of freedom that comes with riding an adult motorcycle. Kids electric motorcycles comes in many colours and styles, so it is important to discuss with your child their preferences. Most importantly, kid’s electric motorcycles have age restrictions, which will help you determine if the motorcycle your child wants is age appropriate. 

Aosom Kids Ride-on Four Wheeler ATV Car with Real Working Headlights, 6V Battery Powered Motorcycle for 18-36 Months, Pink

Design choices to consider

Aosom 6V Kid Electric Motorcycle Police Car Battery Powered Electric Trike Toys For 18-36 Months With Mp3 White

When it comes to the design of miniature electric motorcycles it is important to consider what style of motorcycle your child likes. Kids electric motorcycle styles can vary from modern to vintage designs. Another element to consider is which brand manufactured the play motorcycle, because different brands provide unique designs and features. Some models tend to look like mini cars or have wider seats to help younger riders balance while driving. Many of these beginner models are safe for indoor and outdoor use. The kid’s electric motorcycles intended for younger riders operate at much lower speeds than those for more novice riders. 

What type of battery should you consider? Does it matter?

For continuous play and maximum fun, we recommend purchasing a built-in children’s electric motorcycle with a high-voltage rechargeable battery. Battery sizes and compatibilities vary among different models because of distinct design choices, and to lower product cost. Most models will include either a 6V, 12V or 24V battery which can charge anywhere from six to twelve hours to provide an average of one hour riding time (which is plenty for kids). Depending on the battery size you purchase, that will determine the maximum speed your child’s motorcycle will reach. Many kid’s electric motorcycles will reach a top-speed average of 12mph, which is a safe and enjoyable speed for kids. However, some kid’s electric motorcycles can reach speeds as fast as 20mph, which can make for a thrilling ride but should only be ridden by age-appropriate children. 

Safety to consider

The most basic of safety features which parents should consider do not directly involve the kid’s electric motorcycle, but rather the protective gear needed for a safe ride. Ensure that your child wears a helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads, so that if there is an accident or a fall your child will have a lesser risk of suffering from catastrophic bodily harm. Another safety precaution is to supervise your children while they are riding, so that you can oversee any impending danger. The older you child is and the faster their electric motorcycle than the more safety precautions you should take. 

Look for children’s electric motorcycles that incorporate safety features into their design. Some miniature motorcycles will include light-up parts to increase visibility when it is dark outside. If your child is just beginning to ride, then consider purchasing a kid’s electric motorcycle with a large moulded seat for comfort and stability. Another helpful beginner feature is a tri-wheel design which helps balance and orient your child while riding the motorcycle. 


Kids electric motorcycles dimensions vary widely as they make their designs to range for toddlers to pre-teens. Generally, a child as young as eighteen months can ride a kid’s electric motorcycle. On the smaller side, dimensions for a young rider’s play motorcycle will on average be 28.25” in length and 22 in height. However, they can run a lot larger with dimensions like 42″ in length and 25″ in height. The dimensions of the children’s electric motorcycle will also determine the maximum weight limits.

Which miniature electric motorcycle is best for your child?

Now that you know about kid’s electric motorcycles, and are ready to buy one, let’s look at a few options:

Cruising Kids Dirt Bike Electric Motorcycle with Charging 6V Battery, Real Driving Sounds, and Built-In Music (Green)

Aosom Cruising Kids Dirt Bike Electric Motorcycle with Charging 6V Battery  Real Driving Sounds  & Built-In Music  Green

A stylishly green motorcycle built with various realistic features such as a handle switch that propels the motorcycle like an adult-sized one. This miniature motorcycle comes equipped with two large wheels for smooth cruising. However, if your child is a beginner, then that is no problem as this kid’s motorcycle comes with spare training wheels to help your child build up the confidence to cruise on a true two-wheeler.  

Overall dimensions: 42″L x 20″W x 25″H. Maximum Weight Capacity: 44 lbs. 

Includes a 90-day warranty.

Kids Electric Motorcycle Ride-On Toy 3-Wheels, Battery Powered Motorbike Rechargeable 6V with Horn Headlights, and Realistic Sounds 

This kid’s electric motorcycle prioritizes safety as it comes equipped with three wheels and a large, flat moulded seat. The average speed for this play motorcycle is 1.24mph, which will help beginner rides adapt to the motion and speed of riding a miniature motorcycle.  

Overall dimensions: 28.25″L x 22.5″W x 22″H. Weight capacity: 55lbs.

Includes a 90-day warranty.

Red and Black Kids Electric Motorcycle Ride-On Toy (Battery Powered Rechargeable 6V)

This sporty looking kid’s electric motorcycle provides an authentic riding experience with an audible horn button, working headlights, and a functional pedal to move forward. After charging this play motorcycle for ten to twelve hours, then your child will have forty-five minutes of riding time (which is plenty for kids). This miniature motorcycle’s model does not compromise safety either as the wheels have a tread pattern that prevents it from sliding. 

Overall dimensions: 34.75″L x 16.75″W x 19.25″H, Weight capacity: 55 lbs.

Includes a 90-day warranty. 

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