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Choosing the Right Cat Tree for Your Pet

A cat tree is also known as a cat condo, cat tree house, or cat tower. Today you can find cat trees that have different heights, styles, and designs. Cat trees are designed to provide cats a sense of security by providing areas that they can exclusively access. While cat trees can assist to keep cats from scratching other furniture in your home, not every cat will react the same way.


  • Cat Trees- the Various Types
  • Products Recommended by AOSOM
  • Picking the Right Tree is Easy

Cat Trees- The Various Types

Cat trees are available in simple designs but they can also be more complex and sophisticated. Cat trees may combine cat-friendly qualities such as tiered platforms and elevation with more visually attractive elements such as uncovered wood. Modern and stylish cat furniture is intended to add to the décor in your home. Let’s take a look at some of the commonly available cat trees in the market.

  • Single-level cat tree – If your cat likes to hide beneath the bed, a single-level cat tree is a perfect option. This tree will have scratching posts as well as hanging toys. A single-level cat tree can also provide a sense of security to your frightened cat and older cats absolutely love these trees. This cat tree is very comfortable for most pets. Older cats who love to lounge about tend to love single-layer cat trees.
  • Two-level cat trees – It is a good idea to start with two-level cat trees if you want your cat to be more daring. The two levels are relatively close and the cats can go from one level to another easily. A two-level cat tree is great if you have two or more cats. 
  • Cat tree with carpet scratcher – To make your cats more comfortable, consider cat trees with carpet scratchers. On scratcher carpets, the quality and density may differ between trees. For instance, high-quality carpet scratchers are likewise more expensive. Cat trees with carpet scratchers have one disadvantage which is that they might be difficult to clean.
  • Wall-mounted cat tree – This type of cat tree saves space in addition to having a unique style. You only need to dedicate your wall to this cat tree system instead of vertical height and floor space. If you have a small space, this style of cat tree is ideal. Your cats will be able to engage in a variety of activities. While enjoying the different elements of the cat tree, your cats keep healthy and active. Cat tree systems also aid in the management of behavioral issues and the preservation of the feline instinct in cats.
  • Geometric cat tree – Geometric cat trees are available if you want to add a little style to your home. Simple lines and planes can help you retain a unified modern aesthetic. The sizes and levels of the cat tree will vary based on the design. Scratching posts and hanging toys may not be included in some designs for this type of cat tree. 
  • Wheel-shaped cat tree – For a novel approach to keep your cats active and comfy, you can use a wheel-shaped cat tree. Allowing cats to exercise for at least 15 to 20 minutes each day is one strategy to combat obesity. This type of cat tree may be the answer if your cats don’t prefer to play outside. The following factors should be considered when choosing this style of cat tree- your cat’s size- larger cats will require larger wheels, which will take up more space. Secondly, notice how your cat behaves when you introduce the tree. When opposed to adventurous cats, cautious cats may take longer.

Products Recommended by AOSOM

Take a quick look over the types of products that AOSOM recommends.

 Bed and Condo Scratching Cat Tree from PawHut

This multi-level cat exercise center is built of non-toxic materials and sturdy particleboard. It is made with scratching poles that have been covered in natural sisal rope. For enjoyment, it also offers perches, a spacious condo, a hammock, a comfy basket, a scratching board, and a ball. It is also is covered in soft and comfy fabric, making it the ideal resting place for your feline pets. Your cat will love this tree and it will be a great addition to your home.

Activity Climbing Center for Cats 

This cat tree made of particleboard has areas for climbing, playing, relaxing, and scratching. The tension rod provided with this floor-to-ceiling cat tree may be used to fasten it to the ceiling. It is also non-toxic and pet-friendly. The rounded corners give a very secure and comfortable feeling to pets. The short plush covers the entire board, providing your cat with a warm and soothing touch as they play or sleep. Your cat will enjoy themselves on the 5-tier tree. 

Deluxe Cat Tree Tower Scratching Post Kitten Condo

This is a multi-level cat activity center that features scratching posts made of sisal rope. It also has a ladder, a basket, a hammock, a big condo, and perches for hours of amusement. the tree has soft and plush fabric but the base is made of particle board to maintain the entire cat tower robust and stable. It is non-toxic and pet-friendly.

Picking the Right Tree is Easy

  • Sizes – Cat trees can be found in many different sizes. Some are simple, whereas others have more functions. When selecting a cat tree for your cat, the first step is to determine the appropriate size. It not only fits in the space where you’ll put it, but it’s also appropriate for your cat’s size, whether tiny or huge. Your cat should be able to ascend the platform, and the condo should be large enough for him or her to sleep. Measure your cat before you buy the tree. 
  • Material – Solid wood, particle boards, fabric, rope, and carpet are common materials for cat trees. Solid wood is more long-lasting than the other options. Particleboards are less durable, but they are less expensive. Cats prefer carpeted trees because it is soft and warm. Alternatively, your cat frequently goes outside and climbs trees or rushes up to the roof. If that’s the case, a wood or particleboard cat tree will appeal to him.
  • Cost – Aside from the key considerations listed above, you must also consider the price of the tree. A nice little cat tree costs roughly $50 to $100, and a large one costs around $200, however, this varies depending on the quality of the cat tree. A good-quality tree will be costly depending on the material it is made of. It is better to analyze all of the features and characteristics before purchasing the best cat tree for you and your cat.

In conclusion, it may be stated that cat trees are built specifically for feline companions. Cat trees of good quality can last for a long period. Always choose the ideal one for your cat’s personality, habits, and preferences by shopping around and looking for an option that will suit your cat the best. If you have adequate space and more than one cat, you may even opt to get two or three different types of trees. No matter what breed of cat you have, they are sure to love the tree!

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