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Add Storage Space with Garden Shed

Has anyone in the history of the world ever said “if only I had LESS storage”? If so, we didn’t hear them – they were drowned out by all those folks struggling to find room for their rakes, lawn mowers, potting soil, and the million and one other things you need for your yard or garden.

A simple garden shed solves a lot of these problems. And they come in such a huge variety that no matter your storage needs, ability to assemble, or even color preference, there’s an option out there for you!

Before choosing your garden shed, measure out the space where you plan to place it. Consider also your specific needs – do you need enough room for a bicycle? Does your shed need to lock?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, here are some choices to get you started on your search!

Check out our garden sheds!

Earthy Yellow Metal Storage Shed 

We love the cheerful color of this 7’ by 4’ shed, and we love the fact that lawnmowers and bicycles will fit inside with ease. We also appreciate that the slanted roof will allow water and snow to slide off without build-ups or leaks. 

Built with galvanized steel, this shed is resistant to corrosion and will not rot. Double sliding doors are a great feature, allowing you to maneuver without gusts of wind slamming a door on you. A sturdy foundation keeps the shed firmly in place, while air vents prevent it from overheating during the hot summer months.


  • Designed with a good foundation and sturdy, reinforced ridged walls
  • Materials include galvanized steel and polypropylene
  • Four air vents increase lighting as well as air flow
  • Long-lasting and corrosion resistant

Take Note:

It is recommended that this shed be placed against a wall on one side for additional wind protection. Assembly is required; the comment section for this product suggests that having two people for assembly is highly recommended.

Overall Dimensions: 83.75″L x 50″W x 72.75″H

Double Door Gray & White Shed

The double galvanized steel that makes up this shed gives it resistance to corrosion, a long life, and protection against rust. At the same time, the attractive gray-and-white combo makes it look great in any yard, and it won’t show dirt and grime as much as more colorful options might. 

As with the storage shed above, slanted roofs drain off water and snow, while sliding doors prevent the wind from getting in your way and save space in the bargain.

With a total space of 2.1 ㎡, this shed is great for storing lawn maintenance equipment, bikes, and gardening supplies. 


  • Four vents increase the light and ventilation inside the shed
  • Double sliding doors make it easy to bring equipment in and out
  • Made with galvanized steel and polypropylene

Take Note:

Assembly required. 

Overall Dimensions: 76″L x 43.25″W x 72.5″H

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