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Picking the Right Carrier and Travel Product for Your Pet

You will need a pet carrier or a travel product if you plan to take your pet for a walk around your city, on an airplane, on a bike or for a hike. There are different types of pet carriers available today and the best carrier will keep your pet comfortable, safe and secure. 

When looking for a pet carrier, make sure that it is easily transportable and lightweight. The right pet carrier will depend on the breed of your dog or cat and where you plan on taking your pet.


  • Different Types of Pet Carriers
  • Products Recommended by AOSOM
  • Choosing a Pet Carrier

Different Types of Pet Carriers

Let’s take a look at some of the most basic types of pet carriers:

  • Carry-on with soft sides- A soft pet carrier is versatile and convenient to travel with. Most soft carriers come with a leash. Soft pet carriers look like duffle bags and you can keep your pets in them for short as well as long trips. For instance, if you are travelling by car you can strap the carrier onto the seatbelt. 

Soft pet carriers are great when you want to travel with your pet and are suited for small and medium-sized pets. They are not great for dogs that like to chew or dig. These carriers are great when you want to be in reach with your pet at all times.

  • Hard-sided pet carriers- These carriers are also known as travel pet kennels and they provide great protection. It is suitable for longer travels such as plane rides, boat rides, train rides; and is suitable for medium and large pets that usually will not fit in other types of carriers. These carriers are suitable for pets who like to chew and gnaw.
  • Pet carriers that have wheels- Wheeled pet carriers make it convenient and easy because you do not have to carry your pet on your back. This carrier can be easily maneuvered smoothly as it is on wheels and it prevents your pet from being shifted around. Wheeled pet carriers are mainly used in rough terrain such as when you are biking or hiking but you can take them on an airplane or walk about them in your city as well.
  • Backpacks- Carriers can also be backpacks for pets. They are a convenient option to carry on your back and are ideal for small and medium pets. When you carry your pet in a backpack, they will enjoy going on walks with you and exploring their surroundings, while you won’t have to worry about them fleeing.
  • Folding carrier- In case storage is a problem for you, you can opt for a folding pet carrier that can be collapsed for easy storage. Most foldable pet carriers are that are foldable come in sturdy materials with a capacity of up to 80 pounds.
  • Bike carriers- Bike carriers are suitable for attaching to a bike. They have a stable bottom that will support your pet’s weight. Choosing a carrier that will not slide off your bike and getting an extra safety leash is an added advantage.
  • Sling- Sling pet carriers are available and these make great options for carrying tiny pets. However, these are not as secure so you need to be careful when carrying your pet in it and make sure that you avoid bumpy terrain.

Products Recommended by AOSOM

Let’s take a look at pet carriers recommended by AOSOM.

Folding Pet Cat Stroller from Pawhut

This foldable pet stroller is built of robust steel pipes and high-quality oxford cloth in a stable structure for long-term usage.  It includes two cup holders and a storage compartment on the bottom for beverages, pet supplies, and other items. 

With one huge wheel and two-directional wheels that come with brakes walking or jogging is easy. The top and back entries feature zippered breathable mesh screens, which are also perfect for keeping insects out. Take this carrier on your next walk!

PawHut Pet Bike Trailer Bicycle

The front of the stroller includes a detachable transparent plastic cover that protects your pet from the outdoors. It contains two zippered doors for simple entry and departure for your animal buddy inside, as well as a leash to keep pets from leaping out of the trailer. The quick-release wheels fold up neatly for easy storage and transportation. For further mobility, the universal coupler effortlessly connects to practically any bicycle or mountain bike.

Folding Pet Car Carrier 

This huge soft-sided carrier is constructed of water-resistant oxford cloth and breathable nylon mesh fabric for maximum comfort. Your pet will feel like it is always free in this carrier. The side and top and side zipper enclosed doors for simple access and exit are provided for convenience. 

When it is not in use, a folding design makes it easy to store when not in use. An adjustable shoulder strap is incorporated for comfortable carrying. This carrier is small and lightweight, making it easy to transport on a plane, train, or in a car.

Choosing a Pet Carrier

Listed below are some tips that you can remember when choosing a pet carrier:

  • Accurately measure your pet- You must ensure that your pet is comfortable and has adequate room to turn around in the carrier.  Add 3 to 4 inches to the measurement of your pet. Always measure from your pet’s nose to tail. Additionally, take in mind the carrier’s maximum weight capacity.
  • Choose where you will use the carrier- Will you be taking the carrier on a plane or do you just want to take your pet on a bike ride? You should choose a carrier depending on where you will be using it. Remember that airlines have specific rules regarding pets so it is always a good idea to find out from the airline first.
  • High-quality materials- Always use durable, high-quality materials that will not deteriorate easily. Some pets are restless and like to chew and dig. Your pet should be secured at all times inside the carrier. Also, make sure that the material is breathable especially for the summer months. Your pet will be inside the carrier for a relatively long. Always ensure that it is comfortable.
  • Make sure the closure is good- The closures in a pet carrier should be secure to ensure that your pet remains secure at all times. You do not want a closure that will give way or open up if your pet tries pulling on it. Avoid a zipper closure if your pet has long fur. Get one with an adjustable strap if you are buying a pet carrier that you will be carrying on your back.

Despite the fact that a pet carrier is not required, it is a wonderful item that may be really beneficial. You can even have many carriers, each for a certain scenario. Pet carriers are usually considered to be safe to use, with soft carriers being the most common. Keep the suggestions listed above in mind, and you’ll be on your way to making a wise selection.

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