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How to Build a Work Station in Your Home: Begin with a Desk

It has proven hard indeed to lure back valued employees when they just loved working from home through the pandemic. With that came the growing ranks of digital entrepreneurs, freelancers and many who do hybrid work both at home and in the office.  The home office is no longer a luxury it seems, but an outright necessity, and especially for those of us who have  values outside of work, say extra sleep in the morning, quality  time with family, getting in a workout, or enjoying without stress  a healthy breakfast.Where to start a professional life after the commute ?  Begin with an appropriate office desk and build around it.  The rest follows from that choice—and much depends on your needs, tastes and inspiration, especially the last. 

What to do?

  • Skyrocket your productivity, but stay true to yourself.
  • Transform any room into a dedicated workplace.
  • Summon your inner technical wizard in your work station
  • Combine work and leisure unashamedly.
  • Go minimal in your home office design

Skyrocket your productivity, but stay true to yourself

Home offices come in many different forms, a separate room, a quiet corner in a one-room apartment, or your kitchen even. The key to selecting the right place for your home office is to think about who you are professionally and personally.  Just look about you, and open your visionary eye. Did you like and miss your office with its severe décor. Go with it. However, it is time to think through who you have become. You are in many cases no young tech wizard, have a staid neo-Victorian taste and find it hilarious when your beloved pet or child interrupts your Zoom calls.  Then again you may be a young professional freed from your elders and their ways and ready to rock, or else a Mom with little resistance to children’s demands.

Just as an example, if you tend to be conservative in your home style, find the desk that speaks tradition, good taste and a nature that needs to take out and tuck away your work life. Out of sight is out of mind. The HOMCOM Wall Mounted Desk Fold out Convertible Table Shelf Office Mahogany may be just your clutter- free style, a wall-mounted working surface and access to storage compartments which opens and folds away neatly when not in use. Take down your work station, and any room in your house is a classic office. Your business life has the elegance of the rest of your home. 

Transform any room into a dedicated workplace.

Even if you live in a small home or condo, you can always build a dedicated area for focused professional tasks and workplace communication.  Begin with a desk on which you can do business, projecting authority. Once you have a desk at the center of your home office project, think of what you had in your office in filing cabinets, chairs and couches to receive guests, and the kind of boards that display family outings, schedules, and creative notes. 

An L-shaped design fits perfectly into the corners of small spaces , yet giving you  large open space  over the table on 15mm thick laminated MDF waterproof and anti-scratch for your work needs, and space also  under the table so you can stretch your legs comfortably. The steel frame is rugged enough to withstand high load capacity of a 3-piece monitor, while ensuring excellent stability on adjustable feet pads designed to prevent scratching the floor. If you have paperwork to stretch out and sort on an elongated table, this one is especially for you.

Summon your inner technical wizard in your work station

Then again you may be young, ambitious— and low budget. No shame, but it’s hard to strut your stuff in a small apartment or beginner’s condo.  Not to worry, but ensure that your space meets your profile and skills, not your budget.   What you need is basic techie looking desk to set you up with a screen to set of your work station. Turn your desk away from the wall when having conferences, being attentive to wall colour, flamboyance is fine, a board filled with creative stick-it notes, carefully placed track lighting, technical stuff  that creates  the illusion that you are more than equal  for high level tasks. 

Much depends on your desk to project your professional image in your online presence. The HOMCOM Gaming Desk Racing Style Home Office Ergonomic Computer Table Workstation with RGB LED Lights, Hook, Cup Holder, Controller Rack & Cable Management is just your style. You can switch easily from work to pleasure, having all that you need in one package. 2 RGB LED lighting  casting magic in a range of  mood-altering lighting color,  mode, brightness, and rotating speed. It’s different and creative, but so are you.

Combine work and leisure unashamedly

Then again there are those who just do not care to get out of bed in the morning, and work perfectly well with television on. You need a desk that will allow you to live and work dressed in your pajama, only dressing for conference calls that can be received in your porch, garden, basement or living room.  You need to have a functional desk that fits anywhere, and blends easily with the rest of your life.

The HOMCOM Height Adjustable Drawing and Drafting Table Tiltable Tabletop Black is ultra-functional  for your child’s homework, kitchen tasks,  a side table at dinner, and multiple other uses, your moving work station. A 6-level adjustable desktop angle tilts to your need, supported by high quality E1 grade density board and metal frame with powder coating rust resistant features high durability and good stability. Four foot pads protect your floor and add to your infinitely adaptable work place.

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