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A Quick Bike Stand Buying Guide

You might be asking yourself the question, should I invest in a bike stand? Why exactly do I need a bike stand? 

The truth is that if you are just a biker, you might not need a bike stand. On the other hand, if you are a hands person and like to tinker and fix your bike, a bike stand is a must-have.

This buying guide will provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.

Let’s begin by discussing what a bike stand is, its features, and its many uses. 

A bike stand is a frame used to secure or park the bike. Using this stand means one or both wheels of the bike are lifted off the ground. The stand needs to have a sturdy structure as it will need to support the weight of the bike, ensuring it does not tip or fall over. Bike stands are made from different materials including steel, stainless steel, thermoplastic or recycled plastic. The bike stand is constructed to be functional, durable, and weather-resistant. The appearance should also be good.  

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Bike stands can be used to store the bike or to hold the bike while it is being maintained. They can be freestanding and attached to a structural frame.

The bike stand can be used for maintenance work. It secures the bike comfortably while it is being repaired.   

There are different factors to consider when buying a work stand. These factors include 

  • Budget
  • Purpose of the stand and usage – is the stand for commercial or personal use?
  • Portability, storage space or ease of storage – permanent vs portable
  • Durability
  • Features – load capacity, angle adjustment, height adjustment, clamp style – quick-release clamp, number of legs


The amount you are willing to spend is the main factor of the type of bike stand you will purchase, as there is a wide price range. You should spend within the range you are comfortable with, but it might mean paying a little more for better quality.   


A stand’s portability will determine how the stand will be stored and the floor space it will require. A portable stand does not require permanent floor space. It can be easily moved, carried around, and stored. They are also a lot cheaper, and the saying goes, “you get what you pay for”. As the name goes, the permanent stands require permanent floor space. They can be bolted to the floor, wall, or bench. However, they are better quality, more solid, more durable, and last longer and of course, they cost more.


Bike stands are made from various materials and finishes. These include tubing, pipe, stainless steel, galvanized steel, Tubing vs. Pipe, electropolished stainless steel. The finishes are black vinyl cushion coating, super TGIC powder coat, thermoplastic powder coat. The finishes and coats protect the stand from scratching and keeps it from rusting, meaning they require little to no maintenance.


Load capacity – Bike stands have different load capacities, and the weight of your bike(s) will determine the capacity of the bike to purchase. The higher the load capacity rating, the more rigid the stand. You can choose to buy a stand that is specifically suited for heavy bikes like e-bikes and mountain bikes so that they can be used for all bike sizes. Note, however, that a bike stand with a high capacity is not portable. 

Height Adjustment – Most bikes offer this option, but this should be dependent on how tall you are. A stand can be adjusted higher or lower to suit you. If the bike will be used in a workshop, the height will be adjusted a lot, so it is essential to get a good clamp to make this process go a lot faster. If this is mainly used by you occasionally, you can buy one with a basic height adjustment feature. 

Angle Adjustment – Changing the angle of the bike as you work is crucial when working on a bike. The efficient stand must be adjustable, easy to swivel, and locks down rigid as required. This will eliminate frustrations arising from sudden movements when trying to make repairs that need precision and care. 

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The clamp is the component that will secure the bike. It is used the hold the frame in place while the repairs are being completed. Clamps are universal to all bicycles and can be attached anywhere on the bike. The various types of clamps include sliding clamps, quick-release clamps, and claw clamps. The quick-release clamp is quick and easy to use, with a wider opening diameter that can be adjusted for different bike sizes. The clamping tension can be easily controlled. 


Bikes stand come with two or more. This is for stability and control. The stand with two legs takes up less floor space, but is not as stable as the one with three legs. The three-legged stand is more stable, but it takes up more floor space. Overall, the responsibility is to the user to ensure the bicycle is properly clamped for stability before beginning the repair work. The higher the number of legs, the more stable the bike stand.

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Having a bike stand is not an absolute must, but it is extremely difficult and uncomfortable to complete simple repair tasks without it. Having a bike stand will make those take much easier to accomplish.

Avid riders invest in a stand once they get involved in the maintenance of their bikes. The more people use their bikes, the more they want to take care of them. A few things that can be done at home include inspecting the bike, cleaning the bike, lubing the bike chain, adjusting the brakes, replacing the handlebars, and changing parts that need replacements due to wear and tear. All this can be done easily and faster if the bike is mounted and securely attached to a bike stand. It is sometimes cheaper to do this maintenance yourself than to take it to a professional. 

Below are some links to some very great bike stands. 

The stands are constructed ergonomically, with a fashionable streamlined design. They have a sturdy frame and are practical to use allowing you to fine-tune your wheel and tire size with precision.

Happy Shopping :

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