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Garden Storage Shed Buying Guide

If you have a backyard yet nowhere to store your tools or pool and lawn care equipment, then a garden storage shed is a great option to organize your backyard space. These handy storage areas come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there is one that is likely perfect for your specific backyard space. Unclutter your yard using one of these sheds so that you can avoid embarrassing backyard parties, keeping your backyard equipment nice and neat. Having a sufficient storage space will also keep your property safe from fluctuating weather, like rain, snow or wind. Perhaps you have expensive bikes or equipment that you would feel more secure locking up. Well, these sheds come with doors that you can lock using a padlock so that you can rest easy knowing your things are out-of-sight and less likely to be stolen.

Important Features

  • Storage space
  • Added accessories
  • Construction materials
  • Assembly and installation

What is a Garden Storage Shed?

A garden storage shed is a portable shed that you can assemble to organize your tools and equipment in your backyard. These sheds are commonly used where there is no built-in backyard storage area to give you a space to protect your outdoor items from the weather and keep them neat. A range of materials are used for shed construction, like steel, metal, resin, plastic and wood, but all types come with pre-drilled and pre-cut components, making them convenient and easy to assemble. 

Outsunny 2.1㎡ Garden Shed Storage 

As a smaller garden storage shed, this unit still boasts 22.5 square feet to fit your bikes, tools, and equipment in and is perfect if you have a small backyard. This is the size you will want to opt for if you have a tiny backyard space and few items needing storage. Made of galvanized steel, this shed is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, meaning you will get plenty of years out of it. Four vents are built into the top so that moisture from humidity or rainy weather won’t infiltrate and create mold and mildew. The sloped roof adds more protection against the elements, eliminating water and snow accumulation and pooling. Since this is a smaller shed, it is almost easy enough to assemble on your own, but you may want backup just in case. 

MaterialOverall DimensionsVentilation
Steel Plate, Polypropylene76″L x 43.25″W x 72.5″H4 x Vents

Outsunny 9’x6.3′ Garden Storage Shed

If your backyard is larger and you have plenty of tools and equipment in need of a storage area, then this garden storage shed may be more suitable for you. The large double doors give you the accessibility to move things in and out easily, including larger equipment, bikes and pools. This shed also has four vents for adequate ventilation and a sloped roof for proper water drainage. Durable galvanized painted steel comprises this storage shed, making the service lifelong and blending it in with a patio or cement pathway. Sheds constructed with plastic are generally low maintenance and easy to keep clean, as well as easy to assemble. Keep your property safe from rust, rot or mold, and add a padlock to the door to keep your property secure. 

MaterialOverall DimensionsVentilation
Color Steel, Polypropylene (PP) Plastic109.2″L x 75.6″W x 75.6″H4 x Vents

4 Tips for Choosing a Garden Storage Shed

1.Storage Requirements

If you have a lot of equipment or larger bikes, you will want to choose a moderate to large-sized storage shed to fit them. In contrast, maybe you only have some shovels, garden tools and fertilizer to store, which won’t require much space at all. Of course, making sure your backyard has the capacity to fit your shed is also of utmost importance, so measure your area before you choose which size shed you would like to purchase. Knowing the size of your shed will also help you assess potential foundation requirements so that you have a suitable slab or bed to build your shed upon. 


You may want to purchase ramps, shelves or anchors to use with your shed. Ramps will make it easier to maneuver larger wheeled equipment, and shelves will help you keep your shed organized so you can easily find what you’re looking for. Consider obtaining anchors and shed strengthening kits to create more stability to stand up against harsh weather. In fact, manufacturers often advise anchoring your shed and strengthening kits are recommended for metal sheds in case of snow accumulation. 

Beyond just being a storage shed, you can use these buildings as a play hut, office area or lounge area, which opens up other considerations, like flooring, lighting and alternative panels to add to the comfort and aesthetic appeal. Some sheds can even have windows or skylights installed, so be sure to plan ahead if you would like to add these options later and pick a compatible shed.


There are metal, wood, and plastic garden storage sheds available. Metal sheds are often made of vinyl-coated or galvanized steel, which makes them highly durable, and are usually coated with enamel, making them scratch and rust-proof. Sheds constructed with plastics are much easier to assemble, clean, and extremely low maintenance. If you’re looking for a durable lumber style, plenty of wood options are available on the market. Still, you may have to buy roofing materials separately, like shingles and drip edges. Don’t worry about termites, though, as wood sheds are made of engineered wood, which also resists rot. Wood sheds are much more maintenance than other options, as they require staining and painting to refresh the look periodically. 

4.Assembly and Installation

When you purchase your garden storage shed, plan to have help for assembly and installation. Before you bring your new shed home, look for an even flat surface and measure the area to make sure you have adequate space. There are foundation options available to help you make sure your shed is placed on a stable and flat surface, such as gravel beds and concrete slabs, so consider if these options make sense for your backyard and climate. Before you start to assemble your storage building, gather all the tools you will need and survey your components to make sure your entire kit is complete. Comprehensive assembly instructions are often essential if it is your first time assembling this type of structure, so read through the reviews or check to see if there is an online instruction guide to view that will help you get the job done. Reading others’ experiences will also help you prepare for any hiccups you may encounter. 

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