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Get The Body Shape of your Desire in Your Home Gym

A lot of things make working out at home more convenient than going to a gym — you save a lot of money in membership fees, the travel time is minimal, and you don’t have to wait around for anyone else to be done with the equipment.

But one major flaw with home workouts is the fact that most floors aren’t just aren’t designed to give you the support, slip-resistance, or shock absorption that a traditional gym floor does. That’s where a good gym mat comes in.

Whether you’re working out in an unfinished basement, on hardwood, or on cold tile, a gym mat will provide insulation and shock absorption. They also perform the bonus function of protecting your floor from scratches and falling weights.

While most gym mats have similar qualities, there are differences in size, material, and thickness that make it worth your while to look around. We’ve listed some of our favorites here!

This EXPANDABLE HOME GYM MAT uses velcro to connect up with others. 

We love the soft pastel colors of this exercise mat, though it also comes in a variety of other options such as purple, pink, blue, turquoise, and “beech”.

Perfect for martial arts, yoga, aerobics, Pilates, and many other home workout activities, this mat is made of 2 inches of high density EPE foam that will provide shock absorption and support. The PU leather surface is puncture-resistant and non-absorbent, so no matter how much you sweat the cover will be easy to clean and won’t collect odors. 

The four-panel design allows your mat to fold over three times before storing neatly away in any closet or garage. A handle on the side lets you carry the folded mat easily. 

Take Note: 

The unfolded dimensions of this gymnastics mat are 4’W x 6’L x 2″T. However, velcro along the sides allows you to add additional mats and expand your space! 

Check out this fun and EXTRA LONG MAT

Another funky design from Soozier, this mat also has four panels – but it is more than 50% longer than our first option, coming in at 9.6’ long when unfolded. That makes it perfect for activities where you want to tumble or stretch your full length on the floor. 

Even with its larger size, this mat still folds easily for storage. It has a handle for easy transportation, and a puncture- and absorption-proof PU leather surface. Simple to carry, simple to store, simple to work out on!

Take Note:

The unfolded dimensions of this mat are 3.8′ W x 9.6′ L x 2″ T, but as with the first option there is always the possibility of adding room. Velcro on all four sides allow it to easily connect to other mats. 

Perfect for children: a RAINBOW GYM MAT

Another nice long option, this rainbow-colored mat is perfect for kids, both in play areas and for exercise. Similar to the above options, the mat is made with a high density 2” EPE foam, making it great for tumbling and roughhousing. It can also double as a sleeping mat during sleepovers!

Any spills are easy to clean up, as the PU leather is non-absorbent and can be wiped with a damp cloth and some vinegar… so don’t stress if your kids want to use this mat for snack time. 

A folding design with a handle makes for easy transportation, even for kids (assuming they can hold its 13lbs of weight). When folded, the mat will fit easily under a bed or in a closet. 

Take Note:

The unfolded dimensions of this mat are 3.8’W x 9.6’L x 2″T, but once again velcro siding allows it to be attached to more mats for an expanded size. 

There’s always that CLASSIC GYM MAT LOOK

When you hear the phrase “gymnastics mat”, this is probably the picture that springs to mind. Found in daycares, school gyms, workout rooms, and dojos across the world, the basic blue mat is a total staple. We love the dark blue color that hides scuffs and scratches while still brightening up your workout.


Apart from that, this mat actually has a lot in common with the other options. It still rocks that super shock-absorbant, high density foam, and the PU cover is still incredibly stain-proof and easy to clean and maintain. The foldable design still fits neatly into storage chests and closets. 

While this mat at 6 ft is shorter than some of the other options, some may prefer this – especially if they are working with limited space at home. Bigger isn’t always better, as this classic mat proves. 

Take Note:

The unfolded dimensions of this unit are 4’W x 6’L x 2″T, but – you guessed it! – velcro along the sides allows it to connect up to other mats. 

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