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Post-pandemic Dog Culture and Your New Lifestyle Need to Meet

What happens to them post-lockdown?, the go-to web site for all veteran Canadian dog lovers, has alarming reports of very severe separation-anxiety and pandemic-related stress among our four legged housemates, coast to coast. Here are some positive steps to ease our transition with your furry friend in need.

What to do?

  • Create boundaries for long-term human -to -pooch relationship
  • Give your dog an elegant place to chill
  • Take your furry co-pilot for a ride 
  • Get in touch with your own doggy mind/ body. Exercise with your pet.
  • Get your pet out of your bed, fast

Create boundaries for long-term human -to -pooch relationship

What  happens now when you are not about? Any committed relationship, dog or human, needs a lot of mutual hard work, not just tending to our own needs. It’s just common sense. Those boundaries are stress-tested when we are emotionally unavailable, or else distracted by other matters in which a perky dog given to affection is no help. “Where did you get him?” You will have people dropping by.  You need boundaries well-established early in successful relationships. Consider the kind of territorial markers dogs are used to. The PawHut Free Standing Wood Pet Gate Indoor Dog Barrier is a solution,  no assembly with a doors already in place, protective distances from unexpected visitors, friendly barriers, assembled and taken down with an inspired zig-zag pattern that fold this way and that, easily fits space in the hallway or in front of any door in your home to set limits appropriate to long-term relationships with understanding dogs.. We all need it in long-term relationships that work.

Give your dog an elegant place to chill

You and your dog had months of sheltering- in-place to get to know one another, but now  an old friend drops by and your always loving dog is having a running-and-barking fit.  It takes time to learn social skills, you know, or in our case, re-learn them. . For now, ensure that your dog has a place made comfy, separate from humans when we are entertaining guests. Pawhut 49.2-inch Soft Pet Playpen Folding Tent Kennel Puppy Cat Dog Exercise Crate  is super light- weight and easy to assemble from a designer carrying case. Made of sturdy, high quality steel- wire and oxford cloth with PVC waterproof coating, the playpen can be taken and assembled on visits, allowing your pet to study humans in safety through 8 breathable panels with mesh for air flow and visibility. The top is detachable, and like the easy access door, zippered open and shut, assembled and tucked away easily when going and leaving.  You may be returning to your office routine, and your best buddy in hard times will need to cope. What better way to ease the transition than having your pooch observing human gatherings from the safety of an enclosure that turns easily into a sheltered playpen, a dog retreat decorated with a bed, toys and treats, a home away from home. We all need a playpen.

Take your furry co-pilot for a ride 

The backyard or a short walk around the block was ok once, but taking a trip on the trails with a premium dog carrier attached to your bike will show your dog scenting wonders we humans will never know.  PawHut Pet Bike Trailer Bicycle Dog Travel Carrier is the ideal way to introduce your pet to the great outdoors whether you are set on camping, hiking, walking, cycling, or just getting your dog used to long distance travel . The designer bicycle carrier offers all-weather protection from sun and rain. Zippers close tightly the front and back door, allowing easy assembly, entrance, exit—and exhibition. A zipper-stroke will allow your dog to lean out on top, enjoying the breeze while you two cycle about the world open for pleasure, especially with 20″ rear wheels providing a smooth ride, safety flag and reflectors providing visibility in traffic and low-light conditions on rapid-release release EVA wheels, which can fold flat for easy storage. This is is one way to show your neighbors your resilience in challenging times.

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