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Enjoy Canada’s Winter By Fishing

So you’re getting into ice fishing. Congratulations on being pretty awesome!

As you are probably aware, a good shelter is absolutely key when it comes to having a memorable day on the ice. If the fish are biting, you want to be focused on catching them, not on shivering with the cold! Of course, good quality thermal clothing is also important, but since you’ll be sitting still for much of the day the quality of your tent will make all the difference in the world.

A good ice fishing tent is strong, protects you from the wind, and retains heat. You also want to look for a model that can accommodate the right number of fishing partners. Bigger is not necessarily better! If you buy a tent suited for 10 people and then sit in it alone, it’s going to take a much longer time to heat up than a smaller model would. Check out our ice fishing tents!

For small groups, take a look at this 2-4 person portable ice fishing tent

This is a pop-up ice tent that has the benefit of setting up and breaking down very quickly. A set of illustrated instructions will help you the first few times, but it will quickly become second nature.

With two doors and four transparent windows, this tent provides plenty of light and ventilation on days when the weather is mild. On colder days, the premium waterproof fabric will keep the cold out even in -30℃. There’s enough room for 2-4 adults to comfortably fit inside, along with their fishing gear and any other supplies needed for the day.

A carry bag is included, allowing you to more easily transport the tent when it’s folded down. At only 23.1 lbs, it’s not too heavy for long treks in the snow.

This tent comes with ground stakes and cord loops for stability.

Take Note:

Simple assembly is required.

Overall dimension: 80.75″L x 70.75″W x 70.75″H

This 6-8 person ice fishing tent is great for large groups

If you plan on fishing with a bigger group, we highly recommend sizing up to this large Outsunny tent. It has room for 6-8 adults, whether standing or sitting, while still giving space for fishing equipment or other supplies. Double doors and 6 transparent windows let in lots of light and ventilation when desired.

This is another popup ice tent, so the setup is minimal and the process of packing up is quick. An illustrated manual will show you how it’s done. Once the tent is fully packed up, place it in the carrying bag (included) and carry it home over your shoulder or on a sled; the whole thing only weighs 30.8 lbs.

Take Note:

Simple assembly is required. This tent is not insulated; it is designed to protect from the wind. Remember to bring appropriate heating and insulating materials when ice fishing.

Overall dimension: 144″L x 72″W x 82.75″H

This 4-person ice fishing shelter is great for extreme cold

Another orange beauty! This professional ice shelter comes with fibreglass poles and a 300D oxford fabric that can withstand temperatures down to -40℃. There’s enough space inside for up to four adults and their gear, with two side pockets in the tent helping to keep your things organized and safe.

Set-up is extremely easy with this option; three sides of the tent have a handle that you can pull to raise the walls, and ground nails and wind ropes (included) will give you a stable base.

Two zippered doors, six transparent windows, and two mesh windows provide plenty of air and light, while the carry bag provides easy transport and keeps all of your accessories safely together.

Take Note:

If you are a frequent fisher, this professional-level ice tent is a good option for you. Assembly is required but minimal.

Overall Dimensions: 90.5″L x 90.5″W x 79.25″H

A less expensive option in a sleek black

This 2-4 person ice fishing tent is a bit less expensive than some of our other options, but it still covers all of your bases. Easy to set up? Yes – just use the illustrated guide to be set up in seconds. Durable design? Absolutely. The polyester compound fabric is waterproof, wind-resistant, and helps keep you warm. 

A carry bag is included for this tent, as are ground nails and wind ropes for stability. Double doors and transparent PVC windows give you a good view and ventilation while you fish.

Take Note:

Assembly required.

Overall dimension: 94.5″L x 94.5″W x 82.75″H

Safety First!

Have fun out there, but remember – your safety is the most important thing. Make sure you wear adequate gear and bring heaters to keep you warm in your tent. Most importantly, follow the correct procedures to ensure the ice is thick enough to support you and your equipment.

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