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After nearly two years of COVID-19 impacting your ability to go to the gym, you may be starting to consider the benefits of a home gym. After all, even after the pandemic is out of our lives we’ve still seen how much our routines can be disrupted by forces outside of our control. Besides, gym memberships are very expensive, and a home workout cuts out the time and gas it takes to get to a fitness center.

An exercise bike is an excellent addition to your daily or weekly fitness regime. It’s an amazing cardio workout without the high joint impact that comes from running on a treadmill. When purchasing an exercise bike, look for options that have adjustable handlebars, seats, and resistance levels. That will keep you comfortable and help to prevent injuries.

Here are some options to get you thinking about your perfect home bike!


Just because a bike makes you red and sweaty doesn’t mean it can’t look great in your house! This cool stationary bike from Soozier has a belt-driven mechanism that guarantees a smooth, quiet cardio workout.

The seat adjusts to seven different heights, while the handlebars adjust to six positions. That makes this bike perfect for every member of your household regardless of their height or size.

The LCD fitness monitor will record your progress and statistics as you work out, including RPMs, heart rate, speed, and calories burned. The unique phone mount allows you to play videos or music as you exercise.

Take Note:

This bike has a weight capacity of up to 264 lbs.

4.9 stars for this RED UPRIGHT MODEL

We were intrigued by the rave reviews for this sporty little upright bicycle. Customers seem pleased with an incredibly fast delivery time, very quiet running, and sturdiness even after consistent use. Check out the reviews at the bottom of this page.

The bike comes with an LCD display that will show you your calories burned, time, speed, distance, and pulse as you work out. A bottle holder is attached for convenience, and the bike will adjust to 8 different intensities to suit your workout. 

Not only will the handlebars and seat adjust to suit you, the seat will actually move back and forward, giving you the most comfortable ride possible.

Take Note:

This model is slightly more expensive than our other options, and the heavy-duty steel frame can make it too heavy to lift on your own. However, it has built-in wheels to help with transportation.

Don’t have a lot of room? Check out this LIGHTWEIGHT WHEELED OPTION

This minimalist’s exercise bike is ideal for home workouts. Its combination of lightweight design and transporting wheels mean that rolling the bike out in front of the tv or tucking it out of sight are equally easy. That’s why we like this bike for small homes that don’t have the room for a dedicated home workout space.

The resistance of this unit can be easily adjusted, and a silent running motion makes it great for shared spaces and offices. Toe cages prevent your feet from slipping as you ride, and a tray will hold your water bottle and phone. 

Track your workout progress with the LCD display, which will show you your time, speed, distance, and calories burned as you work out.

Take Note: 

Two LR6 batteries (1.5V) are required for the LCD display on this bike.


This fiery option has a great black-and-red design that will inspire you to get moving! A heavy-duty steel frame with a powder coating gives this bike weight and durability, and a variety of resistance settings allow you to easily adjust the bike to your needs. There are a whopping 10 levels that you can adjust your seat to, making it perfect not only for you but for every member of your household. An LCD screen shows your time, speed, distance, calories burned, and heart rate as you work out.

A belt drive system and 29lb flywheel helps to keep your workout on this bike quiet even when you’re going hard!

Take Note:

As with the red upright model, the heavy-duty steel frame on this bike can make it too heavy to lift on your own. However, built-in wheels help with transportation and allow the bike to be moved with ease on flat surfaces. 

Safety First!

Remember to consult with your physician before beginning a new exercise regime. Exercise bikes can be hazardous because of their many moving parts, so be sure to follow all directions that come with your machine, and keep it out of reach of young children. Exercise bikes are not toys and should not be climbed on by kids!

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