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Who doesn’t love pets? If you’ve ever owned a pet you already know how much fun and affection they provide. Animal family members bring with them some pretty powerful mental and physical health benefits too. They teach your children to care for others and to grow up more secure. Let Aosom help you pamper and provide quality care for your pets. Don’t take your most loyal allies for granted. Whether a dog, cat, bird, fish, or other small animal or aquatic pet, Aosom’s got pet supplies and animal products that’ll guarantee the health and happiness of every member of your family.


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Dog Products

Dogs may be demanding at times, but they are, after all, your best friends. At Aosom we have made it our business to understand what your faithful followers want. Please your pups and help them look and feel their best with our grooming tables, dryers and solar-powered water sprayers. Ensure sure your dog’s comfort enroute with our bicycle trailers, folding crates, airline and car seat carriers, and doggy strollers. Spoil your canine comrades and choose from a variety of playpens and doghouses. And for the truly playful at heart, there’s our foldable swimming pool. There are endless ways to make a healthy, happy dog at Aosom. Shop our pet supplies online!

Bird Products

Birds need attention too, and we’ve got a variety of products specially designed for them. Your caged bird may yet sing in one of or many deluxe-sized cages of various designs, some of them multi-level. Make your flock feel at home with our selection of gorgeous wooden chicken coops. And for the more talkative types, try out our Parrot Play Gym Perch. No matter how they spend their days, we’ve got your feathered friends covered.

Small Animal Products

Aosom also offers a animal product online for a variety of small animals; so don’t be shy to bring your rabbit, ferret, guinea pig or hamster up-to-code with our selection of cages, fences, dividers and fun toys.

Cat Products

There’s a reason for the viral kitten craze that rules the Internet. Cats are cute and lovable divas. They know what they want, and are not afraid to take it. Let your fickle feline stretch out on one of our luxury sofas. Or encourage a little more activity with our irresistible cat tree and hammock. We’ve also got cat scratchers of various colours and shapes for their zany side, and fun net enclosures so they can get fresh air without provoking the neighbourhood pit-bull. At Aosom, we get cat confidence.

Fish and Aquatic Pet Products

Just because you can’t snuggle with a fish, doesn’t mean they don’t make great pets too. We carry fish and aquatic animal products like aquarium canister filters, and the pet aquarium 70L Magnetic air pump, for starters. Make sure your fish, turtles, and other watery buddies are taken care of and living healthy. We’re equipped.


Aosom Canada is an online store shop. We believe that pets are special and deserve love and attention. Our products are not only cost-effective, but also top-quality. A complete and happy family starts right here with Aosom’s Pet Supplies online in Canada. Compare products, add to the shopping cart, and check out without paying shipping fees. It’s that simple.