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We can only accept 10 applications per month, and ONE application per account

Why do we need customer experience survey?
We value our customer's feedback, which allows us to improve your experience and satisfaction.
How does the reward system work?
Complete our survey by providing your honest feedback.After we review your feedback,you will receive a cash rebate equivalent to 50%(up to CA$100)of the value of your order!Please note that no-effort or low-effort survey responses will not receive a reward.
How do I participate?
Simply click the "APPLY NOW" button, fill out the survey by following our system instructions.
There are currently 0 open signup slots available
Sign Up
Sign up by filling out your profile information.
Create an Order & Submit Survey
Shop at and tell us about your experience. Take notes and screenshots on any issues you encounter and submit a thorough report to us.
Receive a Reward!
Receive a cash rebate equivalent to 50% (up to CA$100) of the value of your order!
Q: How do signup slots work?
A: Depending on product, a set number of participants is selected for the Customer Experience Survey. When open signup slots are available, the Apply Now button will be active, and the number of remaining slots will be displayed above it. Once the number of needed participants is reached, there will be no further slots available for that survey.
Q: Once I sign up, when can I start the survey?
A: You will receive an approval email after you signed up for the program. Once you receive the approval email you can start shopping and use your order information to do the survey. Take notes and screenshot for any issues occurred during your shopping progress.

Once you submit your experience survey, you will receive your confirmation from us within 7 business days.
Q: Is there a requirement of the time for my order that I can use for the survey?
A: Yes, the order you use to participate in our survey must be placed within the last 30 days before the day you submit your survey.
Q: How long will it take for my survey to be processed?
A: Once you submit your experience survey, in normal circumstances it will be processed within 7 business days.
Q: Are products purchased while participating in this program handled differently when it comes to warranties, returns and customer service requests?
A: The product that is participating in the survey will be treated under our standard warranties, returns policy. Please note that you will be refunded your order price, minus the total reward initially earned. For example, if your original order was CA$100 and you already earned CA$50, you'll only be refunded back CA$50
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