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The rules of sharing to earn

1. What is “share to earn”?
“Share to earn” is a paid promotion activity which encourage users to share products.

2.How can I participate in “share to earn”?
Just log in your aosom account, and share the products links or activity links which have notice of “share to earn” to your friends. When your friend login in and buy anything which have “share to earn” notice within 10 days, you can get the earnings by certain calculation method.

3.How to calculate earnings of “share to ear”?
Every Product which have a notice of “share to earn” has a certain proportion of earnings.( No notice, No earnings). When your friends buy something from your shared links, aosom will calculate your earnings by different products.

4.Why didn’t get my earnings after my friends bought something from my shared links?
Maybe you can find reason here:
(1).You didn’t login in aosom and share the products links
(2).Your friend clicks other people’s shared link before he paid.
(3).System your orders abnormal, so the earnings was cancelled.
(4).Click the links by your own shared links
(5).Your friend bought the products through your shared links, but he/she apply to return or cancel the order.
(6).Other situation in the rules:
Note: Content didn’t calculate the earnings
Shipping fee, Coupon, Tax, they will not calculate in the proportion of earnings