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Patio Heating & Lighting

As the clouds clear and the sun begins to show its face, the world turns its attention to outdoor spaces. As we embrace our gardens and patios once more and spend an increasing amount of time outdoors, this time offers an opportunity to reconsider the aesthetic quality of these areas - something that is greatly influenced by heating and lighting arrangements. Both of these aspects greatly contribute to the ambiance of an area, and the right choice of lamp or heater can make a huge difference.

Given the length and harshness of the winter months, it is common to find yourself needing new heating and lighting options as a result of existing installations having suffered rust or damage. Our online catalogue provides you with the option to discover a high-quality item that not only fulfils its designated function but also contributes to the area’s feel as a whole. Whether you’re looking to replace an existing item or you’re simply seeking fresh inspiration, our range of patio heating and lighting options is sure to provide you with the perfect solution for enhancing your patio.

One of the most important considerations when creating your ideal space is the lighting set-up, and our variety of lamps and lanterns have been carefully designed to help you achieve the perfect vibe. Create irresistible background warmth by dotting around a few of our decorative lanterns, or incorporate a sleek contemporary aspect with the modern design of our coffee rattan lamp. We stock patio lighting items that have been manufactured with the latest LED technology, allowing our customers to feel satisfied that they’re doing their bit for the environment - all without compromising on the atmosphere of their outdoor area.  

Although the months of spring and summer bring us the joyful blessing of warmer temperatures, it still happens that a slightly brisk breeze or a chill in the night time air leads us to require supplementary warmth from the source of an outdoor heater. Our patio heaters and room heaters come in a variety of formats and are all equipped with the appropriate safety standards to ensure your peace of mind. With tabletop, umbrella and floor designs available, you are also free to choose between models powered by gas or electricity. It is also worth considering that a good quality heater becomes highly essential as we progress into the autumn and early winter, and allows you to make continued use of your patio area when the weather starts to re-enter a colder phase.

The spring and summer seasons provide a time for outdoor relaxation and gentle relief from having been cooped up during the stifling winter seasons, and your patio is one of the best places to make the most of the warmer times. With solutions for every desired heating and lighting aesthetic, shopping with is a perfect route to preparing for a relaxed al-fresco living. Enjoy your outdoor spaces and chilled out downtime this coming summer with high-quality items available now, with a design option to suit every preference.